WhatsApp introduces a new feature for iOS users. The message field adds a new privacy option, which will allow people to hide the “save visibility” status for certain contacts.

The same feature is already available for Android beta users. The feature is now seen in the latest beta version of iOS, according to WaBetaInfo. Those who sign up for the beta program will be able to use this feature.

This can be a useful feature for those who just want to hide their “Last See” from a few people. There are times when you just do not want anyone to know when you are online. Currently, WhatsApp offers only three options to hide the Recognition of Contacts. All options are self-explanatory.

The first is Everyone, which means your last one will be visible to everyone. The second is My Contacts. If you select this, WhatsApp will display your last visibility only to those who have stored their number in your phone’s address book.

There is also a third option, “No one.” This means that if you do not want anyone to know while you are online for the last time on WhatsApp, you can choose this option.

WhatsApp is now exploring another option, My External Contacts. This will allow users to disable the last view of certain people. This is in the testing phase and only beta users can try it.

It is not yet known when this feature will be released in the stable version of the app. The company has been testing this feature for a long time now, so this is not expected to take much time.

Besides, WhatsApp has recently confirmed that it will soon increase file sharing size to make it easier for users. In a blog post, WhatsApp revealed that users will be able to share up to 2GB of files.

Currently, the file size limit for videos, voice messages, and photos is no more than 16MB. For texts, WhatsApp allows you to convert files up to 100MB in size. In comparison, some popular messaging apps like Telegram allow you to share files up to 2GB in size.

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