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Maintaining a building’s exterior from the deteriorating effects of moisture, pollutants, inferior materials, as well as repairing or troubleshooting faulty construction design or workmanship is an important aspect of our repair services. CTG Contracting has been extensively involved in the repair and maintenance of exterior building facades. Our restoration crews are experienced in solving water intrusion, damaged building surfaces, and providing exterior waterproofing maintenance problems. CTG Contracting can successfully discuss these issues and implement a repair proposal to meet each house owner’s budget and provide warrantable solutions for such repairs. We have a history of experience and success in façade restoration. If you’re looking for facade restoration, please contact CTG Contracting and you can count on us for professional service from start to finish on all types of façade restoration projects.

The process starts by taking a jack hammer to the old brownstone, removing any loose stone, and creating a rough surface…The next step is to coat everything in a bonding agent so the concrete-based mix they put on will adhere to the brownstone – that’s the while stuff in the picture below…
We offer top quality restoration of Brownstone facades and stoops while adhering to New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission guidelines. Our team is able to reproduce hand carved ornaments and all elaborate stone details to match existing Architectural styles. In addition, we also tuckpoint brick facades, repair specialized Bluestone sidewalks and patios. To prevent damage to these properties the best idea is maintenance. Regular attention to ordinary maintenance and minor repairs will help on the long run. Keeping drains clean specially at the front patio will prevent flooding to the basement; also the patio should keep water away from the foundation. Maintain the front stoop, and take special care underneath stoop. Make sure is well ventilated.

The simplest and most cost effective way to transform your home is through an interior painting project. Interior painting allows you to make over a single room or your entire house and can substantially increase your home’s value, especially if your current paint is scuffed or marred or if the colors are alternately garish or drab. Further, if you’re selling your home, a complete paint job in bright, neutral tones makes it easier for prospective buyers to envision the space as their own, thus increasing your chances of selling.

While CTGC specializes in removing the headache of painting your interiors yourself to free up your busy schedule, for those who do choose to personally undertake an interior painting renovation, the savings can be significant. The process can also be so remarkably time-consuming that it may take several weekends and evenings to complete. And since poor preparation for interior painting can result in sloppily covered walls that will need to be repainted much sooner than expected, rushing any step along the way isn’t a good idea. So for many in New York City, working with an all-in-one renovation team like CTGC is just common sense. CTGC’s team—from our Consultants who help select your paint colors, sheens, faux painting techniques and paint brands to our highly skilled teams of painters—ensures your project will be completed professionally, on time, and on budget.
Concrete Repair/Resurface

Are you looking for the perfect flooring for your New York City home? Often referred as the fifth wall in any room, you floor is more than just the surface you walk upon; it’s a powerful design element that creates atmosphere and mood that can have a dramatic and lasting impact on your home’s overall design.

The perfect NYC flooring should reflect both the aesthetic and functional needs of you and your family. For instance, different types of flooring have different durability levels and maintenance needs, making the ideal flooring, for say, a busy suburban family much different than what would work in for a chic Soho apartment. Whether you crave the warmth of hardwood, the easy maintenance of laminate flooring, the unique, hand-crafted look of ceramic tile or the natural look and sustainability of cork, there’s a flooring for every design and every function.

Contact CTGC’s Design Consultants today to find the perfect NYC flooring for your home. Your CTGC consultant will walk you through the ideal look for your chosen design and help you find a material that fits your lifestyle.

The concrete repair industry has experienced an ever increasing demand for maintenance of concrete structures. This demand has driven the need to develop new technology economically and functionally. To repair concrete structures CTG Contracting one of the leading contractors. In all aspects of concrete repair and concrete restoration. Our experience and expertise in a wide range of services. Gives CTG Contracting an edge in completing all types of concrete repair/resurfacing projects. From maintenance repairs to highly specialize.

Our experience roofing professionals are capable of remodeling the existing roofs, as well as carrying out renovation and repair works within a short span of time. CTG Contracting’s roofing teams can provide you with safe and secure roofing. The roofing contractors at CTG Contracting are efficient and well trained to advise the clients demanding remodeling and replacement of existing roofs. After a detailed onsite inspection, our roofing contractors can provide you with the most appropriate solution. A strong roof guarantees comfort, safety and protection to the dwellers. Living under a damaged or unbalanced roof can likewise create a feeling of insecurity.

The roofing of any building can get damaged due to bad weather conditions and corrosions. CTGC’s roofing sectors can provide you with safe and secure roofing.

To solve the roofing problems you are experiencing at home or office, contact roofing contractors at CTGC. We are available on phone at (718) 669-8305 or send an email to us at [email protected] One of our service personnel will get back to you immediately.

CTG Construction is providing home improvement services in NYC over 30 plus years. We are doing home improvement services in the historical neighborhoods, complete brownstone to gut renovation work and working directly with the building landmarks’ preservation agency, abide by landmarks rules, policy, and regulation along with city municipal building code. Not only do we serve the community but work with city government to overcome the challenges of lead in the house. CTG Construction, home improvement services, is a lead paint specialist and certified by EPA and by minimizing the cost to the house owners, through our home to improvement service, we have not only helped the community with their health but make the process easy for the owners by not charging hefty prices.

Build a work plan

One of the standard practices at our home improvement service, CTG Construction, we create a working plan and share that plan with the building owner or a designated person. We go through the plan and ask for any objection they might have with our home to improvement service, then our final goal is to execute our plan. This might not work as expected due to situation rises, but what we like to tell here at the CTG Construction home improvement service is that it is always better than no plan. Our home improvement services plan clearly defines the goals of our work item, along with detailing instructions about how we are going to make them happen. This will help you to meet our goals and let the landlord know how we plan to achieve home improvement services at their premises.

Cover the Legalities

We are licensed, insured, and certified by EPA, Brownstone communities and Landmark preservation communities and our goal is to convince customers to choose CTG construction for their home improvement services over others, then our company shows how credibility and responsibility, and above board by ensuring compliance with all the state and city municipal laws that ensures that you have relevant permits, licenses, and certifications to operate in New York states and city.

Get Insurance

CTG Construction home improvement services license, liability insurance, working men compensation because all of that heavy machinery and those sharp tools can pose a risk to you, our mason and the public. Without insurance in place that could lead to lawsuits, and the end business and jeopardize building owners.

Invest in Tools

Out of several, one of the reasons for doing well crafted home improvement services is the investment we make in buying high-end tools and at our company, we do use plenty of tools and equipment to get the job done. Most of the tools we use our home improvement services company owns it but some we do rent or by leasing them. Whichever option our home improvement services choose, we do not compromise quality with anything in our services.

Hire Mason

Hire Mason Our masons are professionals and are well-trained and experienced in what they do. Our home improvement services have some of the best in the industry who are capable of bringing original details of the structure, and they are able to detail irrespective how it is or not. We are specialized in our work we do because of our mason and special mixing ratio.

The coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly changed the face of how we work, communicate, and execute home improvement services proposal plans to the customers. Even coughing in the workspace has ramifications because it is one of the early signs of having disease. In the home improvement services, we do work with dust so making sure dust is being controlled so our mason doesn’t cough excessively.

In 2020, specifically, many trends are surfacing and changing the way we do home improvement services works. One of the trends we are seeing while doing home improvement services work is that customers are focusing on how to use old spaces for new uses. Customers are seeking more ways to be more productive with the spaces they have and stay active. Customers ask us, how do make this space more functional, peaceful, soothing, and more importantly aesthetically pleasing.

It is more important now than ever to find ways to use those once-underutilized spaces and transform them by changing paint color, design, and make more friendlier space. Our home improvement service company has remodeled previously wasted space into an office or kids study room and hope this can create a new area where productivity can thrive.

One other new normal in the COVID pandemic is that families are staying together, younger adult colleges are home to their parents and taking classes online, and parents want to have their kids staying with them rather than living separately. Of course, doing remodel the house with our home improvement services and others make sense but our company being customer friendly, licensed, insured and EPA certified made it easier for customers to choose our home improvement services over others. The request we are being asked by the consumers about how we can convert purposefully open spaces, like cooking space or  even living space into offices or classrooms for home schooling and extra privacy for better focus.

Based on the conversation we are having with customers, the want to make spaces are multi functional and not only during COVID-19 time but post pandemic as well. Consumers’ goal on how to redefine large and open space can be utilized to live, work, and play.

Kitchen is no longer just the space where mom prepares breakfast, lunch, or dinner, the kitchen of the future needs to be a warm and functional gathering space, too. COVID-19 has necessitated a movement towards home-cooking that hasn’t been seen in decades, staying home even during holidays being advised by CDC or Dr. Fauci. Not too long-ago mom, dad, and kids might have gone their separate ways to enjoy meals out, families are now coming together, preparing together, and dining together – all at home.

Having a welcoming, multi-functional cooking room is necessary to turn these spaces into family gathering areas where families can fill up on good company and comfort in addition to good meals and this is the service we are providing through our home improvement services. Using the same flooring in the kitchen as the surrounding living areas can help to create a seamless transition from room to another that connects the spaces together, additionally having kitchen appliances and cabinets has helped to make more welcoming and soothing during this challenging time we are living in. One of the requests we often get from our customers during our initial phase of inspecting jobs for the home improvement service is to create a space that will support multiple needs of multiple family members.

This Pandemic has changed us on how we live, and these changes have made us adapt to our way of living with each other and making the best out of it. CTG Construction is playing a major role with our home improvement services just that. When we do overcome these diseases, which we will be soon or later, the trends we are seeing today will likely remain for years to come as things like remote work and learning virtually because this trend will continue even after the pandemic is over. As we usher in a new era in which homes need to be both luxurious, relaxing retreats and productive, functional workspaces, remodeling with our home improvement services within this new standard of living and it was a way to balance living at home.