If you’ve been considering making the switch to electric vehicles (EVs), you may be wondering what it takes to make your home EV-friendly. Installing a charging station for your EV is an important part of taking the plunge into eco-friendly living, but there are so many options available that it can be difficult to know where to start. Don’t worry – we’ve got all the information you need right here! Keep reading to learn more about why installing a Home EV Charging Station is great for both your wallet and our environment.

  1. Home electric vehicles charging stations are a great way to reduce your environmental impact

With the rising awareness of environmental issues, reducing our environmental impact has become a priority for many individuals. Home electric vehicle charging stations are one of the best ways to do this. Electric vehicles can be charged overnight in homes or apartments, utilizing relatively clean sources of electricity such as wind or solar power. Furthermore, they reduce emissions compared to traditional gas-powered cars and do not require regular maintenance. With home electric vehicle charging stations becoming more accessible and affordable, it is becoming easier for people to make the switch to more environmentally-friendly transportation.

  1. They’re also a great way to save money on energy costs

Home electric vehicle charging stations have become increasingly popular due to their capability to help reduce energy costs over the long run. Not only are these charging stations convenient for all electric vehicles, but they require less energy from the power grid. This means that more energy is saved and families can benefit from lower electricity bills in the long-term. Furthermore, many homeowners are able to claim various state and local incentives when installing home electric vehicle charging stations, which helps save extra money. All of this makes home electric vehicles charging stations a great investment for anyone looking for a cost saving measure in energy expenditure.

  1. Installing a home electric vehicle charging station can also increase the value of your home.

Installing a home electric vehicle charging station is an excellent way to make sure you have the ability to charge your vehicle at any hour, while also proving to be beneficial for potential buyers down the road. Not only does having a charging station installed indicate that your home is equipped with the latest electrical advancements, but it also increases the overall value of your home as well. By having an added bonus such as this, you may be able to command a higher price for your property when it’s time to move out or if it’s up on the market for selling purposes. It’s a subtle, yet advantageous addition to an already great home package.

Home EV charging stations are a great investment for any homeowner. Not only do they save you money on your electricity bill, but they also help the environment by reducing emissions from gas-powered cars. If you’re interested in saving money and doing your part for the planet, installing a home EV charging station is the way to go.

If you had an auto accident, you might be involved in a Car Insurance Claim after the accident. When you file an injury claim, some vital evidence must be recorded. The type of evidence gathered will depend on the injuries’ severity and the property damage. Here are the most common types of evidence in a car accident claim.

1. Photograph

As explains, photographs are probably the most common type of evidence you need when filing a claim after a car accident. A good picture can provide details that may otherwise be left out of your personal injury claim. Whether it’s a picture of an automobile, the road, or other property involved in the accident, having photographic evidence will certainly benefit your case. It’s important to take pictures as soon as possible after the accident takes place.

2. Witness Statements

If you’re involved in an accident, other people will also be involved. You’ll have to gather witness statements from any witnesses to the accident. If you have no witnesses or if your witnesses refuse to provide a statement, you’ll need to speak with law enforcement officers who were present when the accident occurred. The more evidence that backs up your personal injury claim, the better off you’ll be in court.

3. Personal Injuries and Medical Reports

After an accident, be sure to get to a doctor as soon as possible. The doctor’s report is usually the most vital piece of evidence in your car accident claim. If you suffer a physical injury, your doctor will detail the extent of your injuries and what may have caused them. You’ll need this information to provide in your personal injury claim. It’s also important to have any medical bills you received due to the accident submitted with your car accident claim.

4. Police Statement

When you contact the police, be sure to provide them with any evidence that may be helpful in their investigation. This evidence could include photographs, witness statements, and other information. The police will provide a statement of the accident that outlines what happened and the parties involved in the accident. The police will also inform you what kind of compensation you’re eligible for.

5. Property Damage

If your car is damaged in an accident, you’ll need to file a statement with the police outlining the extent of the damage and who is responsible for it. The other party’s insurance company will compensate you for any property damage to your car. If your car is completely totaled, there may not be much that can be done to salvage it beyond replacing it with another car. This is an important piece of evidence in your car accident claim because it will determine how much you’ll receive for the damages.
Gathering all of this critical evidence after a car accident is important. If you fail to provide evidence, your case won’t be as strong and could be dismissed. You don’t want this to happen because you could face unnecessary legal costs and fees due to lack of evidence. Speaking with an attorney before you file any injury claim after an accident is a good idea. An attorney can advise you on the type of evidence most important in your car accident claim and what you’re eligible for.


DIAMOND BAR, Calif. – All-new, behind-the-scenes footage and exclusive interviews from the newest SEMA Battle of the Builders competition will premiere on January 28, 2023, at 9:00 am (EST) on the History Channel’s Drive Block and A+E Network’s FYI.


“SEMA: Battle of the Builders, Presented by Mothers High Performance Car Care” began with 240-plus vehicle builders and culminated during the 2022 SEMA Show last November in Las Vegas, Nev. In addition to featuring the winner and finalists, the one-hour television special highlights many new, up-and-coming builders and includes all-new stories and footage chronicling their journeys to the SEMA Show.


“This was one of the best and most exciting SEMA Battle of the Builders competition yet,” said RJ de Vera, SEMA vice president of marketing and communications. “The TV special is a chance for those who did not attend the SEMA Show to see what happened at the Show, and for those at the Show to relive the excitement and even discover some of what they may have missed.”


Since 2015, the SEMA Battle of the Builders competition has shined the light on vehicle builders who have already proven their talents by showcasing their vehicles at the SEMA Show. With the world’s best vehicle builders competing against one another, the contest is considered by many to be the ultimate battle.


The television program is hosted by Adrienne Janic and Tanner Foust, and features Cam Miller, Ryan Basseri, Jeremiah Prophet, and Kyle Kuhnhausen as industry experts selecting the top 12 builders in four categories: Hot Rod/Hot Rod Truck; Sport Compact, Luxury & Exotics; 4-Wheel Drive & Off-Road; and Young Guns, a category for builders age 29 and under. Viewers will see the judges narrow the competitors down to 12, and then the top 12 finalists vie amongst themselves to select the final winner.


For more information about the SEMA Battle of the Builders, visit


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Chain reaction car accidents don’t happen often. When one car strikes another, that’s not what accident reconstruction experts working for insurance companies call chain reactions. Instead, the term means one car hitting another, and then those vehicles striking additional ones after that.

A chain reaction car accident might involve three vehicles, or four, or more than that. Chain reaction car accidents can harm you and your passengers, and your life might look dramatically different after one occurs.

We’ll talk about a few ways your life can change after these accidents right now.

You Might Sustain a Temporary Injury

If a car strikes your vehicle and other cars after that, you might sustain an injury. Whiplash often happens if a car hits your vehicle from behind. You also might suffer bruises, cuts, or other temporary injuries.

Temporary injuries cause pain and suffering, but they heal. You might have to alter your normal routine for a while. You may need to stay home from the gym or work from home rather than go to the office.

You will recover in time, though, and that’s what truly matters. You may feel upset the accident occurred, but hopefully, you won’t sustain any long-lasting damage.

You Might Sustain a Permanent Injury

If you get in a bad chain reaction car accident, you might sustain a permanent injury. That’s obviously worse than an injury that heals quickly.

Permanent injury occurs more often with chain reaction car accidents if a vehicle hits you with extreme velocity. High-velocity accidents might happen because of driver inattention or poor weather conditions.

If you sustain a permanent injury, you might have to adjust your life significantly. Maybe you can’t walk anymore, and you need to use a wheelchair from now on. Perhaps you must walk with a cane, and you can only do that after attending physical therapy sessions for many months.

Permanent injuries are challenging, and you will need your family and friends backing you up. Their unwavering support can help you as you learn how to cope with your new situation.

You Might Experience Anxiety or Depression

Anxiety and depression are both possible after chain reaction car crashes. Maybe your injuries force you to skip family events for months afterward. You may also not enjoy life like you did before.

You may have to attend therapy sessions to talk with a mental health professional. You can explain how you feel unsafe in vehicles. You may shake when you get behind the wheel. This shows you’re not over the event yet.

The therapist might suggest meditation or antianxiety medication. They might ask that you continue talking to them until you show improvement.

You may also sleep poorly after the accident. Insomnia can make you miserable. In some instances, your therapist can give you medication for that problem as well.

You Can’t Return to Work

Maybe you liked your job, and you enjoyed spending time there. After the accident, you may not return for months or possibly ever again.

You might take on a different job in your same field. You’ll need to consider your skill set and what you can do with your new limitations.

You might work from home at your job if your boss allows that. You can work from home in many positions these days, but not all of them. Sometimes, you must attend work to do it, and working from home isn’t possible.

You might reexamine your work life following the accident. Perhaps you can do something else if you have to abandon your profession. You may find something else you like just as much, though. That’s a 

possible silver lining if this accident type occurs.

You Might Take Public Transportation Going Forward

You may also survive your crash with minor injuries, but when you heal, you don’t want to drive anymore. Maybe the wreck totaled your car, and now you take the bus or train instead.

Car ownership can help you because you can use your car to get around. However, it has some drawbacks, so you might enjoy not owning a vehicle. You won’t have car payments, insurance payments, gas payments, etc.

Chain reaction car crashes can change your life for a while, or they can change it permanently. You will doubtless need resolve to get through this challenge.

You can do it with the tools we mentioned. In time, you can look back on this unpleasant memory, but it won’t control you.


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As a kid, did you ever dream of fixing vehicles or putting cars together? As you grew up, did your fascination with everything mechanical continue to grow and develop? If so, then you might be destined to be an auto mechanic. Working as a mechanic can be a rewarding, long-term career opportunity. It comes with a lot of responsibility and can be plenty of fun—particularly if you’re a hands-on person. Mechanics need certain tools, but might not know where to begin, especially if they work independently from a shop. In this article, we’ll tell you about five essential tools to have in your workshop. Let’s get ready to work!


If you’re going to work on vehicles, having some sort of lighting is vital. Because vehicles have so many dark areas, good light will make a big difference as you work on a car. Under hood lights are pretty much a necessity for your workshop. A well-lit space is also crucial to prevent injury and perform work correctly. Instead of using antiqued, unsafe work lights, use LEDs instead. LEDs are safer, last longer, and don’t cost much. LEDs are more energy efficient too. An LED offers better lighting and higher lumens suitable for any job. Many LED work lights are rechargeable and rugged, making them perfect for any workshop or garage.

Pneumatic Jack

Every mechanic should have a jack. Not only do mechanics work on engines, but they also need to get under the vehicle for certain repairs. No one can change a tire or wheel without a jack. But instead of relying on a standard jack for your workshop, go with a pneumatic jack instead. Instead of your typical jack that requires manual labor to lift something, the pneumatic jack uses air pressure to effortlessly lift heavy vehicles from the floor. It’s almost magical in the performance of this task. Auto mechanics can also benefit from them due to their durability and exceptional precision/control. These jacks tend to be safer than other types of jacks and are essential to any workshop where heavy objects require lifting.

Hand Tools

Hand tools are some of the most essential items to have in any workshop. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast, weekend builder, contractor, or mechanic, filling your toolbox with the right tools is critical to get any job done. When it comes to the best mechanics tools, you have plenty of fantastic options. Here are just a few of the necessary and useful tools every mechanic (or enthusiast) should have on hand:

  • Drills
  • Impact drivers
  • Pry bars
  • Allan wrenches
  • Ratchet
  • Pliers
  • Heavy scissors
  • Crescent wrenches
  • Adjustable wrenches
  • Socket sets
  • Ratchet
  • Hammers

Hand tool sets offer many of these items, but it’s up to you to cultivate the storage and types of items you use in your workshop. Don’t forget to keep personal protective gear on hand as well. Rubber and leather gloves are a must if you’re dealing with any kind of dangerous materials. Face protection and eye protection is a good idea anytime you’re working. Feel your workshop with the right-hand tools and you’ll be able to get the job done right every time.

Pressure Bleed System

Working on cars requires draining certain parts of the engine at different times. Oil and cooling systems are high-pressure but are simple enough to do. Draining brake fluid out of the brake system requires a bit more than us. That’s where your pressure bleed system comes in handy. Pressure bleed systems are specifically designed to help you bleed brake fluid during routine repairs/maintenance. You could manually bleed brakes. But that’s time-consuming and not as much fun as using tools to do it. Adding one to your workshop can help you save a ton of time and energy while making most brake maintenance a breeze.

Extra Buckets and Matstools

Draining oil. Replacing oil filters. Changing brake pads. As a mechanic, you’re going to be getting dirty. It’s going to be on the floor working on things quite frequently. You’ll also need a place to store all the fluids you drain from a vehicle. So, it stands to reason that extra buckets in math would be a good idea. Even if you have a pit already built into your workshop/garage, you can never have too many buckets. Of course, the number of buckets used is largely dependent on the type of work you do. But when it comes to keeping cars in good working order and decent shape, you’ll want to ensure you have the tools necessary to do so.


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When it comes to road crashes, truck accidents have a reputation for being far more complicated than an average injury claim. While a truck’s relatively bigger size can be partially blamed, other factors also make truck accidents catastrophic. These factors may also eventually influence the settlement amount or final compensation. 

If you have been in a truck accident, it is best to hire truck crash attorneys to represent your claim. Not only can lawyers help you understand your rights, but they can also assist you in determining liability in incredibly complicated cases. For a detailed overview, read ahead to learn the factors that can influence your compensation. 

Insurance companies have complex policies regarding coverage in a truck accident. Vehicle size is one of the most common determinants of compensation. Since a truck accident is more likely to cause severe injuries than an average car crash, insurance policies are designed to escape liability. For instance, your insurance company may not offer coverage if a commercial truck driver is at fault. 

In addition, there are several trucking industry regulations that commercial companies are mandated to follow. In the event of an accident with a truck driver, these strict regulations can cause challenges in the claim-filing process. 

Due to their massive size, most truck accidents involve more than just two parties. This can make determining liability extremely difficult. Not to mention, more parties imply the involvement of multiple insurance companies. Obscure insurance policies and numerous involved parties are a recipe for disaster. 

Not only does this make settling next to impossible, but lawyers are likely to struggle with the investigation and source supporting evidence. If involved parties cannot settle, the claim might have to go to trial, making the entire process far more complicated. 

Beyond the direct victims involved in a truck accident, the involvement of other liable parties can complicate a truck accident. At a basic level, plaintiffs need to establish negligence on the truck driver’s part to seek compensation for damages. However, determining liability for negligence can be tricky in commercial truck accidents. 

Trucking companies are infamous for their poor working conditions and binding contracts. If the truck driver caused the crash due to distraction or overworking, victims would have to deal with big corporations and their insurance carriers for compensation. It would also raise the question of whether the driver or the company is liable for damages. 

Product defect and government liability might also come into play if the accident was caused due to poor truck maintenance or bad road quality. 

Adequate evidence makes up the backbone of a solid personal injury claim. However, unlike other cases, evidence in truck accidents can be challenging to document. Medical records, police reports, and testimonies are insufficient to back a truck accident claim. 

To establish truck driver liability, your lawyer must investigate the accident site, analyze vehicle damage and interpret complex insurance policies. In addition, they would also have to review the truck’s event record data to identify discrepancies. 

Other evidence may include an assessment of maintenance logs, employee records, and employee regulations of the trucking company. These combined factors make calculating the total compensation a highly complex process. 

According to a report from IIHS, approximately 4,014 people died due to large truck accidents in 2020. The complexity of truck accidents eventually saturates to the widespread damage and severe injuries they can cause. 

Traumatic brain injury, damage to the spinal cord, and deaths due to internal bleeding are common consequences of truck accidents. In such a scenario, seeking compensation becomes more of an attempt to avenge a loved one’s loss than strictly seeking financial damages.     

Undoubtedly, truck accidents are traumatic incidents that can derail your life. Although seeking compensation might be difficult, it is possible. With a qualified attorney by your side, you can receive the compensation you deserve.  Check out our other news articles here


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If your car is your prized possession, and you want to protect it at all costs, then you may have thought about buying or renting a car storage unit. You may be looking to keep that vintage car away from outdoor elements or just looking for extra security for your daily parking spot. Either way, this guide will walk you through some top tips for choosing the right storage solution for your vehicle. From selecting car storage sizes to the type of self-storage unit, we will explain how to choose the best storage facility.

Car Storage Unit

Car & Vehicle Storage Unit Guide

If you have decided to look into car storage options, there are a few things you should consider. How big of a storage unit do I need for my vehicle? What is my budget? Should I rent a storage unit or a parking space?

Before you commit to storing your vehicle in self-storage, you should research other options to ensure you get the best choice for your budget. For example, you can book monthly parking spaces that are covered or even in garages for reasonable prices from places like, and it is worth comparing the prices before settling on storage options.

If you do decide to go with self-storage, then we have put together some tips to help you below.

How to find the right size storage unit?

The first and most important thing is to work out your vehicle size. That will determine what size storage unit you will need. Take some time to measure your vehicle and determine the minimum size required before searching for vehicle storage. This will help ensure that you select the perfect fit for your vehicle and save you time and money.

Start by measuring the length of your vehicle, considering the bumpers. Then measure the width of the vehicle, including the door mirrors.

Once you have the measurements, you can start your search for the right storage unit size. Generally speaking, you will want an extra 6 feet of clearance all around your vehicle to enable you to open doors and park safely.

10 x 10 Storage Units

These storage units will likely only be able to store vehicles which are the smallest on the market, but you still should check there will be enough clearance around the vehicle to open doors.

10 x 15 Vehicle Storage

This self-storage unit would be able to take compact cars the size of a Mini Cooper, Fiesta or SMART car.

10 x 20 Storage

This is a standard-size self-storage unit that will fit more cars. You will need to get something bigger for larger vehicles, but this will fit cars like Ford Explorer or a Honda Accord.

10 x 25 Self Storage

If you are looking to store a van, RV or much larger SUV, you may need to upgrade to 250 square feet. Of course, it will all depend if the vehicle is the only thing you wish to store!

What are the different car storage types?

The best way to determine what type of storage space you need is to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I want a short-term or long-term option?
  • Will you be storing your vehicle indoors or outdoors?

If you only want short-term options, then covered parking or other parking options may be better for you. Self-storage may be your best option if you want something safe and monitored while you are not there for a longer period.

Enclosed Car Storage

These are typically the most secure and safe places for storing your car. They are like large garages where you can drive straight in and will keep your car out of the elements. You usually access them through a roll-up door, and they have features like climate control and CCTV.

Indoor Vehicle Storage

This is still indoors, protecting your car from the elements, but it is a shared indoor space. Cheaper than your own enclosed unit but less convenient as you will have to arrange times you can retrieve your car.

Covered parking spaces

This will protect your car from the worst damage, but it is just a roof cover, so whilst it will be cheaper, it will not be as secure.

How much do storage facilities cost?

Depending on your location, you can expect to p[ay anywhere from $50 – $400 per month for a small storage unit. For larger units and added features like climate control, you can easily add on an extra $50 a month.

How to prepare your vehicle for storage?

If you have made the decision to store your car away, then there are a few essential things to do beforehand. Taking this time to prep, your vehicle will pay off in the long term, keeping it in good condition.

  1. The first step to preparing your car for storage is to clean it thoroughly. Remove all dirt and debris from the outside of the car, giving it a wash. Vacuum and wipe down the inside of the car, leaving an air freshener to keep it smelling good.
  2. Take your car for a service before you put it into self-storage. Ensure all the fluids are topped up and the tires are inflated.
  3. If you will not be using the car for a while, disconnect the battery so that it does not drain.

Vehicle Storage Summary

A car storage unit is a great idea because it protects your custom vehicle and can be more cost-effective than other options. If this sounds like a good option for you, make sure when choosing which company to rent from you measure your vehicle correctly and consider the size and type of self-storage you will need. With all of the tips above, you should be able to find the right size car storage unit for your vehicle. 


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Common injuries in motorcycle accidents range from bruising and broken bones to internal injuries. These injuries can even go as far as death. If you’re in a motorcycle accident, it is vital to get checked out by medical professionals at the scene of the accident or go to your local hospital for help. It is also important to call a motorcycle lawyer to file a lawsuit against the negligent party that caused the accident. To avoid these types of injuries, wear a helmet and riding gear designed for your specific type of bike, and make sure the seat is secure enough for you.

1. Broken Bones

If you suffer a broken bone in a motorcycle accident, you should immediately go to the nearest hospital or emergency room. Broken bones are one of the most common injuries suffered in motorcycle accidents. These include fractures, contusions, and sprains. If you break a bone in your arm, you need to wear a sling; if it’s in your leg, you need crutches. You should wear the splint or use the crutches until your doctor says it’s OK for you not to use them anymore.

2. Bruises

If you get a bruise on your body, apply ice to it right away. Bruises are also one of the most common injuries that you can get in a motorcycle accident. Taking care of them is essential because they can become infections. If you see an open sore on your body, report it to your doctor immediately or visit them at the hospital directly.

3. Internal Injuries

Internal injuries are some of the worst that you can get in a motorcycle accident because they do not show up as bruises or open sores so quickly. These include broken ribs, internal bleeding, and organ damage. If you experience headaches and dizziness, or vomit for no reason, go to the hospital immediately.

4. Dislocated Joints

Dislocated joints are also one of the most common motorcycle accident injuries that you can get. These include shoulder dislocations and elbow dislocations. To help with these types of injuries, it is best to apply ice to the area of the injury; do not apply too much pressure on it because that will cause more damage to the joint.

5. Head Injuries

If you suffer a head injury in a motorcycle accident, it’s essential to seek medical attention immediately. You might be unconscious and need treatment in the hospital. The most common head injuries are concussions and brain trauma. If you experience these types of injuries, you need to be admitted to the hospital immediately because they can cause permanent damage if not taken care of quickly enough. Report any head injury affecting your vision or hearing or that causes nausea or headaches to your doctor immediately.

While most motorcycle accident injuries are not life-threatening, they can still be very painful and nerve-wracking. You should take care of any injury as soon as possible. The earlier you treat a wound, the better it will heal. If you have any questions about motorcycle accidents, you should contact an experienced motorcycle accident attorney in your area.

As a car owner, you know how important it is to maintain your car’s aesthetic appeal. After all, you want to make sure that you are driving around in a car that looks great and has no dings or scratches. This is becoming more important as car owners continue to increase, especially in the United States. 

The United States Department of Transportation (DOT) reports that there were 275,913,237 registered vehicles in the United States as of 2020. This number is an indication that Americans are more than willing to invest in their cars and maintain them in good condition.

This is because a well-maintained car will not only help you save money but also keep you safe while driving. It is important that you keep your car looking brand new so that you can enjoy its aesthetic appeal for years to come.

In this article we will discuss some tips that will help you maintain your car’s aesthetic appeal:

Wash Your Car Regularly

We all love our cars, and we have a lot of pride in keeping them nice and shiny through regular washing. There are a lot of reasons for you to wash your car regularly, and it’s not just because it makes it look so good. It’s also about safety.

According to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), the average American drive 13,476 miles per year. That’s as much as driving from Los Angeles to New York City over five times.

This figure is also an indication that you could have spent a lot of time in the car with all those germs and dirt on your dashboard and seats. It can be really hard to keep those things clean, even if you’re trying your best to use hand sanitizer or antibacterial wipes after each trip. That’s why it’s so important to get out there every week or two and give your ride a thorough washing or scrubbing.

Thus, you should wash your cars regularly to help protect them from rust and protect against scratches caused by dirt, tar, and other materials that may collect on them due to long-term driving. This also helps you save money as you don’t have to spend so much on repairs or replacements later on.

Today, Americans are showing a high inclination towards car washing, pushing US Car Wash Market towards holding a prominent position in the global market. As per the Research Report available on the website of Research and Markets, the US Car Wash Market touched $14.59 billion in 2021 and is estimated to reach $17.34 billion by 2027.

Get It Waxed

The aesthetic appeal of your car is a key factor in determining the value of your car. The more attractive and shinier your car looks, the higher it will be valued by potential buyers. Waxing your car is an easy way to maintain the aesthetic appeal of your car. But how to get that high-gloss shine? You need to buy the right products that suit your needs and use them correctly.

Car wax helps to keep the paint on your car from fading and chipping off over time. In addition to this, it also prevents rust from forming on any metal parts of your car. This results in a shiny, smooth surface which is also a lot easier to clean and maintain for years.

It is important to use only high-quality products only. The best car wax products do not contain any abrasives or other harmful chemicals that can damage the paint on your car’s exterior as they are applied.

With car wax sales holding a 5.5% share of the overall car care products market, it’s no wonder that many people are investing in these products made specifically for use in cars. This means that most people who own a car are using some kind of wax on their car.

Buy a Custom License Plate

If you are looking to maintain and improve the aesthetic appeal of your car, there are many ways to go about it. One way is to buy a custom license plate.

This can improve the aesthetic appeal of your car because it allows you to express yourself through something that is visible from the outside of your car. For example, if you want to show off how much you care about animals or the environment, then you can choose a license plate that resonates with these emotions. 

In the US, many states allow you to customize license plates as per your choice. For example, New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission allow citizens to personalize their license plates for a one-time fee of $50 with some other easy requirements like submitting an application.

Buying a custom license plate not only improves the aesthetic appeal of your car but also makes it unique and very stylish.

Keep the Interior Clean

Keeping the interior of your car clean is not only a good way to keep the aesthetic appeal of your car, but it’s also an important part of maintaining its health.

The North America automotive interiors market would experience a growth rate of over 5% from 2020 to 2025. This growth in demand for high-quality automotive interior materials means that more people than ever before will be looking for ways to keep their cars looking and smelling good.

Interior cleaning can be as simple as wiping down the dashboard and seats with a damp cloth, or you can use a specialized product to clean upholstery. Whatever method you choose, make sure that you don’t use harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that could damage the interior surfaces.

In Conclusion

When you take the time to maintain and improve the aesthetic appeal of your car, it’s not just about keeping it looking good. It’s about preserving the quality of your car for years to come.

If you want to keep your car running smoothly for a long time, you need to make sure that all of the parts are working properly. And that means maintaining and improving their aesthetic appeal.


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Madness in the Mountains was held at the Bowen Field in Bluefield, West Virginia on May 14, 2022.  Although there was a continuous threat of storms throughout the week of the event, it did not stop the crowd from filling the event.

Registration started at 8am with a lineup of vehicles ready to enter the event! Madness in the Mountains is known for attracting some of the sickest vehicles on the east coast as well as having a show that the entire family can enjoy!

Madness in the Mountains 2022

The majority of the show lot was packed full of vehicles of all types, styles and eras.  There were also vendors representing anything you could think of, food vendors of various types and of course don’t forget about the spectators that filled the place. The event seemed like a great success for the promoters, the charity and the community even though mother nature decided to let loose later in the afternoon.

Madness in the Mountains supported the Ronald McDonald House of Southern WV.  All proceeds from the event went straight to RMH.  We all love a show that supports a great cause!

As well as new judges; the show brought in a mass amount of awards with many being new!

Trophy Classes:
Top 50 from 1985 and down
Top 50 from 1986 and up
Top 5 lifted
Top 5 mini trucks
Top 5 Jeeps
Top 5 modern muscle
Top 3 Bikes
Top 5 Imports
Best Paint
Best Graphics
Best Classic Car
Best Classic Truck
Best Muscle
Best Import
Best Drag Car/Truck
Best Interior
Best Mini Truck
Best Lifted
Best Sleeper Vehicle
Best Full Size
Best Jeep
Best All Original
Best Stock Vehicle 2000+
Slammed & Cammed Magazine pick
Dare To Be Different
Best Rat Rod
2023 Flyer Award (what vehicle goes on flyer for 2023)
2023 T-Shirt Award (what goes on show shirt for 2023)
Best Of Show

We are ready for the 2023 event and we hope to see you all there!

Photos by: Chris Gosda


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