She’s Kathy Woke-ul.

Gov. Hochul has focused on a batch of virtue-signaling bills that boost her progressive bonafides, even as she’s failed to roll back bail and criminal justice reforms that many see as the key cause of surging crime and quality-of-life declines in New York City.

Though she touts herself as a moderate “Biden Democrat,” Hochul’s record as governor is littered with bills she signed pushing a range of divisive far-left culture-war causes. They run the gamut from new racism regulations to diversity initiatives to pronoun pronouncements, a Post review found.

In December 2021, Hochul signed a package of bills covering the real estate industry which she said were designed to “combat housing discrimination.”

Among the measures was a bill from Queens Assemblywoman Catalina Cruz that would require aspiring Empire State realtors to undergo training on the “legacy of segregation, unequal treatment, the historic lack of access to housing opportunity experienced by disadvantaged groups, and other related topics.”

Another bill in the package required two hours of “implicit bias training and understanding” for brokers as part of their license renewal process. While still a third measure threw on two more hours for “training in cultural competency.”

Hochul has called herself a moderate "Biden Democrat."
Hochul has called herself a moderate “Biden Democrat.”
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Matters of racial “equity” have been front and center in Gov. Hochul’s agenda. The day after her real estate package, Hochul rubber-stamped a slate of “racial injustice” bills, which among other things, declared racism a “public health crisis” and created “a working group within the Department of Health to promote racial equity.”

The bill cited the raging coronavirus pandemic as justification and came as the city was moving to prioritize scarce COVID-19 resources in ways which favored black New Yorkers over white ones.

“Instead of focusing on the issues most important to New Yorkers, Kathy Hochul has been obsessed with appeasing her far left base. Her failure to address crime, New Yorkers’ cost of living and the quality of our children’s education is why New Yorkers will send her packing on November 8th,” Rep. Lee Zeldin, her GOP opponent in the upcoming governor’s race, told The Post.

Hochul's Republican opponent Rep. Lee Zeldin accused the governor of being "obsessed with appeasing her far left base."
Hochul’s Republican opponent Rep. Lee Zeldin accused the governor of being “obsessed with appeasing her far left base.”
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Hochul also dove into diversity. One bill she approved in November 2021 authorized the state’s civil service commission to annually publish “reports concerning the demographic make-up of the state’s workforce.” Another bill she signed that year aimed to “increase the diversity in the workforce of the construction industry” by increasing “access to minority and women workers.”

Gov. Hochul has waded into pronoun politics. In June she signed a bill that would require state political parties to make “individuals who do not identify exclusively as a binary gender” eligible for positions in political parties. The bill amended the wording in the election law to change “sex” to “gender.”

“This legislation is designed to update the election law to bring it up to date with modern science,” reads the bill’s justification. “It is now widely understood in the scientific community that the concept of ‘sex’ as a binary physical description of human biology is

Hochul has signed bills declaring racism a “public health crisis” and replacing the word "sex" with "gender" in state laws.
Hochul has signed bills declaring racism a “public health crisis” and replacing the word “sex” with “gender” in state laws.
Mike Groll/Office of Governor Kathy Hochul

Another bill from August authorized the state to “conduct a study on the employment rate of transgender persons in New York . . . to determine what changes should be made to state policies.”

The woke sprint comes as the state faces growing concerns about crime and inflation. Polls show the race has tightened — with some putting Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-Long Island) in striking distance. Polling aggregator RealClearPolitics now considers the race a toss-up.

“The nicest way I can put this is at best Gov. Hochul has absolutely no clue about the problems 23 million of her constituents actually face,” City Council Minority Leader Joe Borelli (R-Staten Island) told The Post.

Hazel Crampton-Hays, a rep for Hochul, noted that the bills were all passed with considerable GOP support.

“Since taking office, Governor Hochul has signed nearly 1,000 pieces of legislation to strengthen public safety, keep New Yorkers safe from gun violence, ensure quality education for every child, deliver tax relief to hardworking New Yorkers, and support small businesses, and every single one of these laws passed the legislature with bipartisan support,” she said.

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