OCT 20, 2016

5 Things To Get Your Seasonal Staff Up To Speed

It’s that wonderful time of year again when we start to gear up for Christmas.  A critical part of this process is hiring seasonal staff.  The very thought of this is often enough to cause even the most experienced managers to break out in a cold sweat!  But don’t worry … it’s all about planning […]

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OCT 13, 2016

Why You’re Failing At Accountability

I’ve ranted and raved for years about the lack of compliance on standards at store level.  Retail’s inability to have the stores meet basic store standards costs the business sales, margin, customer loyalty and more.  Doesn’t it seem to be simple enough to get the staff to greet customers, maintain merchandising standards, dress properly, show […]

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OCT 06, 2016

Like A Fine-Tuned Machine

Last week I had a chance to spend five days out on the sales floor of one of our favourite retailers.  I wasn’t selling or servicing customers, if that’s what you’re thinking.  The Graff Team was invited to produce a custom training video, so naturally, we used the actual store as the backdrop for the […]

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