He found the beef.

A Wendy’s customer who flew into a rage when his drive-thru order was wrong unleashed fury and bullets on the fast food workers he believed messed up his meal, according to local reports.

Christian Ellis, 19, went to a Wendy’s location in Frisco, Texas, on Aug. 17, according to the local FOX station. After picking up his food at the drive-thru window, he went inside the store and began arguing with employees about what was in his Biggie Bag.

Tyran McLeod and Shaquita Glaspie
Tyran McLeod and Shaquita Glaspie were reportedly arrested and charged with failure to report a felony.
Frisco Police Department

Ellis left the store and fired at the building as he was driving away. Fortunately, no one was hurt. Police in Frisco — located north of Dallas — arrested him two days later and charged the teen gunman with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Two people who were in the car with Ellis were also charged for not turning him in.

Earlier this month, an Arizona Wendy’s was the site of employee-on-customer violence that resulted in a customer’s death. In that case, the employee was charged with second-degree murder after punching an elderly customer while he was licking a Frosty.

And last month, wild video surfaced allegedly showing a Dallas Taco Bell employee hurling boiling water at a woman and girl who have since filed a lawsuit claiming they were attacked after asking for their incorrect order to be remade.


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