A suspect has been caught on surveillance video savagely striking a Los Angeles woman in the head with a fire extinguisher in an unprovoked attack.

The woman had stepped out for coffee in West Los Angeles when the brazen assault unfolded on Saturday morning, FOX 11 reported.

The innocent victim told police that she spotted her attacker shouting out as he rode past her on an electric scooter and then disappeared.

Moments later, the surveillance footage shows the suspect approaching the woman from behind and hurling the fire extinguisher at her head.

The woman fell to the ground while clutching the back of her head as the suspect raced off into traffic.

Suspect is shown throwing a fire extinguisher at victim's head
The scooter-riding suspect hurled a fire extinguisher at the innocent woman’s head in Los Angeles on Saturday morning.
Fox LA
The woman fell to the ground after being struck by the fire extinguisher
The woman fell to the ground after being struck by the fire extinguisher.
Fox LA

The victim, who could be seen struggling to get to her feet, briefly lost consciousness and suffered a concussion in the wake of the ordeal.

She was treated in a local hospital.

Police are now investigating the unprovoked attack and are still hunting down the scooter-riding attacker.

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