A Tasmanian woman has shared her incredible find on the sand at Bruny Island, mistaking an almost completely transparent fish for a piece of seaweed.

“I was pretty surprised to see a little eye on it,” she wrote on Facebook.

“Honestly how is it see-through, where’s it brain, or anything inside for that matter,” another commented on the post. ”I’m so confused but so fascinated.”

Biologist at Macquarie University Professor Culum Brown said the peculiar fish was larvae from a species of eel that “hatch way out in the ocean and are initially part of the plankton.”

Woman finds transparent fish on Tasmanian beach.
A Tasmanian woman shared the incredible clear fish she found on a beach.

“They are small, thin, flat and transparent and as they approach the coast they gradually change and start to become more elongate — the typical eel shape — and become green/brown in colour,” he said via Yahoo News.

“Soon after they start to migrate up rivers and creeks and become increasingly like baby eels (ie they look like little adult eels).”

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