A woman has died after she plunged overboard on a cruise ship returning to Florida from the Bahamas on Thursday, authorities said.

The unnamed passenger, 36, went overboard on the MSC Meraviglia Thursday morning and her remains were recovered by the US Coast Guard roughly 18 miles from Port Canaveral, Fla., according to NBC’s WESH 2.

The ship had been returning to the Sunshine State from Ocean Cay in the Bahamas when tragedy stuck, the outlet reported.

The Coast Guard quickly launched a search by boat and helicopter but authorities soon learned the woman had suffered fatal injuries.

“Unfortunately, despite the rapid rescue operation, the passenger sustained fatal injuries. We are offering our full support to authorities as they investigate this matter,” the agency said in a statement.

The 5th largest cruise ship in the world with a passenger capacity of 4,500 MSC Meraviglia.
An unnamed woman, 36, plunged over the side of the MSC Meraviglia Thursday morning and died.
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A woman died after going overboard on a cruise ship early Thursday morning. The 36-year-old was on the MSC Meraviglia, which was about 18 miles off the of Port Canaveral, Florida when she fell into the sea, the Coast Guard told CBS News.
In a tweet, the United States Coast Guard said the woman’s body was discovered 18 miles offshore.

A worker on the cruise ship allegedly told a passenger that the woman had jumped, according to TMZ, which had not verified the comment or the possible suicide.

Her untimely death comes after James Michael Grimes last month fell off a Carnival Cruise ship in the Gulf of Mexico and spent 20 hours treading water before he was miraculously rescued.

At one point, he said, he ate a stick that looked like bamboo to curb his hunger.

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