A video posted by police in Ohio shows a wild turkey frantically trying to make an escape from police captivity after flying through a home’s window.

In a video posted on Twitter by the Miami Township Police Department, the turkey is seen thrashing around inside the home amid broken glass and other debris.

“The window broke. It flew through the window,” the homeowner said. “I feel so bad for it, it is probably hurt.”

Eventually, the woman homeowners’ father wrangles the turkey into a net, but the bird promptly and dramatically breaks frees and returns back into the wild. 

Police Officers get calls for everything, but this was the first time we’ve been dispatched for a wild turkey breaking into a house … and then breaking out,” the police wrote on Twitter on Tuesday. 

The homeowner later commented on the Miami Township Police Department’s Facebook post saying that an officer stayed behind to help board up her broken windows.

wild turkey
The homeowners were able to get the turkey in a net.

“Thankfully our little one was upstairs cooking dinner with me and her Daddy!” the woman wrote.

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