SubaruYour Subaru is getting older, and you aren’t yet ready to trade it in for a newer model. It’s easy to get to work, school, the grocery store, and other places around town with your car, and you can still enjoy the occasional road trip.

Is it possible to enhance its performance, improve its functionality, and make it safer at the same time?


Here’s How to Boost Performance

Do you want to fix your 2015+ STI’s inconsistent power delivery?

If the factory’s top mount intercooler becomes overheated or overworked, it will be difficult for it to keep up with engine demands.

Remove the factory intercooler from your 2015+ Subaru WRX or STI to install a better performing STI intercooler. First remove the radiator, fan, and shroud and then install a Black COBB Tuning Front Mount Intercooler in the new location.

COBB’s Front Mount Intercooler Kit is one of the top performance components available on the market. Since it’s specifically designed for high performance, it’s the ultimate performance upgrade for your car. You can expect cooler intake and exhaust temperatures because of the improved cooling efficiency.

The Little-Known Benefits of Useful Add-Ons 

Several clever add-ons are available to make driving more convenient, such as a phone holder, a battery maintainer, and a removable floor liner.

Installing a phone holder on your dashboard lets you use your smartphone GPS app without taking your eyes off the road to navigate, access traffic maps, and get road alerts.

Using a portable battery maintainer allows you to keep your phone and other devices charged for longer periods of time with no outlet or power cord. 

The right floor liners are removable and easy to wash, making it easy to keep your vehicle dirt, debris, and grime-free.

A Practical Way to Stay Safe on the Road

Stay safe on the road by tuning up your car and performing weekly maintenance.

Step 1: Tune Up Your Car

Cars typically need a tune-up every 10,000 miles. Besides ensuring optimal performance, they may also extend the life and fuel efficiency of your car.

If you want your car’s tune-up to be as effective as possible, take it to a certified mechanic. They will not only do a thorough job but also provide you with maintenance information.

Checking the air filter, oil and fuel levels, tire pressure, the battery, and looking for leaks and rips are typical tune-ups. After an oil and air filter change, your mechanic may also replace spark plugs and other parts.

Step 2. Perform Weekly Checkups

Maintaining your car is essential. Monitor your gas and oil levels, check your tires for damage, and make sure you have the right amount of fuel.

Follow these tips to keep your car running smoothly:

  • Check your engine oil level frequently
  • Fill up the gas tank at least once a week
  • Regularly check your tire pressure

If you want your car to perform properly, you must also avoid making some common mistakes, some of which can damage the engine.

Here are a few mistakes to avoid:

  • Using the wrong kind of oil, one that is too thick or thin for your car’s engine.
  • Overfilling the fuel tank or not adding enough gasoline to start the car the next day.
  • Ignoring the need to replace spark plugs and other key components in a timely manner.
  • Leaving your car in direct sunlight for lengthy periods.

Keep Your Subaru Working Like a Charm

Make sure your car runs smoothly and safely by following these three tips. The first step in enhancing performance is to replace the intercooler. Although Subaru’s factory intercooler does a fantastic job of cooling the engine, it lacks the power needed to maximize its performance. The Front Mount Intercooler provides more power and efficiency. Second, get some useful add-ons to simplify your life and make driving safer. Third, tune-up your car to stay safe on the road. Generally, a tune-up increases fuel efficiency, reduces emissions, and makes your car run better. You won’t run out of oil or blow a tire either.


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