The Snowdens

Dimitri and Ashley Snowden were spiritually married for nine years when they joined the cast in season 1. At the time, they had been courting a woman named Joselyn, but their relationship was short-lived. They returned for season 2 with Vanessa and they welcomed her into their polygamous brood with a spiritual wedding ceremony that aired on the show.

After Dimitri and Ashley’s split from Vanessa following the season 2 tell-all, they already had two new love interests lined up by the time they returned for season 3.

“Ashley and I have always wanted a plural family, and the day that we found Vanessa and we married her, we thought that was it,” he said. Ashley revealed they did take some time to process the breakup before courting new partners. “After we divorced, not only did we heal, but we are courting two women at the same time,” she said about new flames Tayler Middleton and Christeline Petersen a.k.a. “Chrissy.”

But as fans watched, things did not work out with the Snowdens and Tayler. Shortly after she changed her week-long stay with the Snowdens into a permanent move, the coronavirus pandemic hit. Since Dimitri’s business suffered as his client’s businesses shuttered, it was up to him and Tayler to turn to work as delivery people to make money for their family — which included the Snowdens’ three children and Chrissy’s two children.

On top of that, Tayler was clashing and butting heads with Ashley. After weeks of tension, Tayler told the Snowdens that she wanted to go on a trip to Texas to visit her family, and she just never returned. After ghosting the family, Tayler came face to face with Dimitri via video call and they agreed to end their relationship.

“Being frank, I have found peace in putting time and energy in my business and not worrying about the friction and being quarantined with everyone being so stressed out,” she told Dimitri.

Tayler explained that she was “happy” with where she was at, and they both realized they should end things. “It sounds like it’s just better if we keep doing what we do here, you do what you do,” Dimitri said. “This is weird. I don’t know what to say, honestly,” Tayler responded. Dimitri added, “I know this sucks, and I’m really sorry that things didn’t work out.”

As for Chrissy, it appears she did not last very long with the Snowdens as well. Even though fans watched as Chrissy accepted Dimitri’s proposal and went through with their wedding, things also did not work out. Dimitri filed for divorce from Chrissy in May 2021, In Touch confirmed.

It seems that while they were experiencing issues in their relationships with Tayler and Chrissy, Ashley and Dimitri were also going through their own marital problems. After months of speculation, Ashley confirmed her breakup from Dimitri via Instagram in July 2021, writing, “I’m single and grateful for life.” While Ashley advised fans not to ask “personal questions of people you don’t know, personally,” she also said she was “deeply moved by the DMs, check-ins, words of encouragement, and shared experiences I receive daily.”

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