Control of the Senate was still hanging in the balance early Wednesday as four battleground contests are still too close to call — Arizona, Georgia, Nevada and Wisconsin. 

The balance of power in the chamber remains tied at 48-48, and final results could potentially be delayed until next month as the race in Georgia between Democrat Sen. Raphael Warnock and Republican Herschel Walker appears headed for a runoff.

Neither candidate has gotten more than 50% of the vote. 

“While county officials are still doing the detailed work on counting the votes, we feel it is safe to say there will be a runoff for the US Senate here in Georgia slated for December 6,” Gabriel Sterling, the state’s chief operating officer for the secretary of state, wrote on Twitter early Wednesday morning.

W​ith 98.6%​ of the precincts reporting in the Peach State, Warnock led Walker 49.3% to 48.6%.

As of Wednesday morning, the Senate remained locked 48-48.
Senate races in Arizona, Georgia, Nevada and Wisconsin remain too close to cal Wednesday morning.

In Arizona, Sen. Mark Kelly, the Democrat incumbent, is leading Republican challenger Blake Masters 51.4% to 46.4% but election officials are still waiting for ballots to be counted from Maricopa County. 

Election officials in the county, the state’s most populous, reported glitches in machines that tabulate the vote on Tuesday.​

The final result of the 2022 midterms may not be here until Friday.
Voters may not know the makeup of the Senate if Georgia enters a runoff.

A final result may not come until Friday. 

In the other races, Republican Ron Johnson had 50.5% of the vote to Democrat Mandela Barnes’ 49.5% in Wisconsin, and in Nevada Democratic Sen. Catherine Cortz Mastro was trailing Adam Laxalt 47.2% to 49.9% with 72% of the precincts reporting. 

The Senate is currently evenly divided 50-50, with Vice President Kamala Harris providing the tie-breaking vote. 

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