90 Day Fiancé alum Syngin Colchester is living his best life! Despite detailing his harsh breakup with his wife Tania Maduro on 90 Day: The Single Life, the South Africa native has moved on with his life. Keep scrolling to find out what Syngin has been up to since his split from Tania. 

Why Did Tania and Syngin Breakup? 

On the spinoff, Tania and Syngin were on completely different pages regarding the future of their relationship. While Tania wanted to settle down and have kids, Syngin lived a much more carefree lifestyle. 

Following their split, Syngin moved out of their shared home and began dating again. “I think it’s very important for me not to get into a new relationship with somebody, who’s not trying to change me as much,” he explained of his new dating outlook in a January 2022 episode. “Where they kind of genuinely accept me and accept my way of thinking about the universe.” 

When asked by host Shaun Robinson at the Single Life season 2 reunion if there were any regrets regarding his separation from Tania, Syngin replied, “There’s a lot of thought after separation, you know, did we try hard enough? Was it something we could’ve done? …  I feel like we were starting to become mean to each other, starting to say awful things just to piss each other off. So, I actually think we called it off at the right time.” 

As for his relationship with his ex, Syngin later revealed in an Instagram Q&A in June 2022 that the pair “still talk.” When asked by a fan what his biggest lesson was from his previous marriage, he revealed, “That love is not enough.” 

syngin_colchester's instagram 2022-6-25 story (2)
Courtesy of Syngin Colchester/Instagram

Where Is Syngin Colchester Now? 

After splitting from Tania, Syngin first tried a cross-country move to Arizona. Previously staying with a friend, he later revealed that he’s left the Grand Canyon state. “It’s too hot out there … 110 [degrees] at night, no thanks,” he wrote on his Instagram Story. 

Where is Syngin Colchester Now?
Courtesy of Syngin Colchester/Instagram

Also touching on his tendency to go MIA on social media, the TLC star explained it gets “overwhelming” and he doesn’t “enjoy it.” 

What Is Syngin Colchester’s Job?

Syngin is currently “working on a farm in California,” as he explained in a June 2022 Instagram Story Q&A with fans. 


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