Small town or big city life? 90 Day Fiancé season 9 newcomers Jibri Bell and Miona Bell are the latest international couple to test their luck at getting married within the allotted 90-day timeframe. While Jibri has previously lived all around the country, he moved back to his hometown of Rapid City, South Dakota with his parents to save money during the costly K-1 visa process. Not happy with her future in the small Midwest city, Miona has made it clear she wants to move to Los Angeles as soon as possible. Keep scrolling to find out where Jibri and Miona live now!

Miona Insisted She and Jibri Move to California

Jibri was confident about the couple’s financial future because he’s a “hustler,” but his parents aren’t so sure. “I’m nervous about her pressuring you to move before you guys are ready,” his mother, Mahala explained to him prior to Miona’s arrival. “Her presence on social media looks like she would want to live in Beverly Hills.” 

She added, “That’s not what we have here and I’m not sure how long it’s gonna take for you guys to make that much money to be able to afford that kinda life.” 

Miona Did Not Want to Live In South Dakota With Jibri

Admitting the pair haven’t discussed finances, Jibri told producers that while a Los Angeles move is “attainable,” he hopes his future bride can learn to adjust in South Dakota while they save up toward their “long-term goal.” 

However convincing Miona won’t be easy. “If I wanted a small city life I could stay here in Niš and live that type of life,” the Serbian beauty told him over the phone. “I really don’t want to come to America and live like a 50-year-old.” 

'90 Day Fiance': Where Do Jibri and Miona Live?
Courtesy of Miona Bell/Instagram

How Did Jibri and Miona Meet?

Jibri acknowledged the majority of the couple’s time together has been in a vacation setting and the move to South Dakota will be a drastic change. Jibri met Miona while on tour with his band, Black Serbs, in her native country of Serbia and Miona admitted on their joint YouTube channel she’s actually been a fan of Jibri’s for over 10 years. 

“I know about Jibri for the last decade,” the makeup artist confessed. “Jibri has been someone who has been posting YouTube videos since 2012-13. So I was like 14 on my computer, just on YouTube like any kid and I saw Jibri.” 

Where Do Jibri and Miona Live — in California or South Dakota?

As for the couple’s current whereabouts, it seemed at first like the season 9 stars are making life in South Dakota work for the time being. Miona and Jibri are very active on both TikTok and YouTube and often created videos featuring a prairie landscape as of April.

However, it seems they since have been able to make the big move from South Dakota to California. In an Instagram Reel titled “How is life in California?” that was posted on July 10, Miona synched several clips of her walking down a city street, enjoying a pool day, visiting a beach, walking on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and taking in various other sights.

“Amazing 🤞🥰,” she captioned the video.

Are Jibri and Miona Still Together?

To find out if Jibri and Miona are still a couple today, click here.


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