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Opting for an electric vehicle generates numerous advantages, not only on a global level as a more respectful alternative to the environment, but also on an individual level. It is estimated that an electric car consumes €2 for every 100 km of travel.

Over time, its use has been increasing exponentially thanks to state incentives, the diversification of the offer or the multiplication of recharging points around the country.

According to data published by the Business Association for the Development and Promotion of Electric Mobility (AEDIVE), last year more than 35,000 electric vehicles were registered in Ireland. A figure that is expected to continue to increase.But how to choose an electric car? Here are some tips to make a smart purchase decision. Pay attention!

The Budget As A Selection Filter

Defining a maximum budget will help you define a solution adapted to your pocket. Analyze your financial situation and identify a reasonable investment range. Depending on your price range you can access different ranges and possibilities.

Have you considered the possibility of accessing online loans? Consult customized financing options. There are many entities that have financial products specifically designed for the purchase of electric cars. The done deal electric cars Ireland offers interesting advantages and its contracting can be carried out entirely online and practically instantaneously.

If you have a budget limitation, it is likely that your purchase decision will be conditioned to cheaper solutions. If, on the other hand, you do not have any type of restriction in this regard, you can pay more attention to the features and potential of each model to identify the most competitive solution.

What Needs Will The Vehicle Cover?

What are the needs that your electric car should cover? If it is going to be used to travel long distances (for example, if it is going to be used more for getaways and vacation periods), it must have greater autonomy. On the other hand, if it is going to serve as a means of transport to make small urban trips (for example, going to work) it will become a more secondary decision factor.

The level of autonomy tends to be considered one of the weak points of electric cars because the low levels of some models tend to translate into a limitation of movement. However, there is a wide range of possibilities within the market and this restriction is not generalized. Actually, there are models with great autonomy (some models can exceed 600 km). Of course, this variable also determines to a certain extent the final budget since there is a proportional relationship: The greater the autonomy, the higher the price.

Locate The Nearest Charging Points

In some geographical points there may be less accessibility to power points. You must bear in mind that an electric car needs to be recharged practically daily, so before making a decision, it is best to analyze its distribution throughout your travel areas. In any case, it is possible to install a charging point inside your own garage, something that can translate into greater comfort.electric car

There Are Plans And Aid For Electric Mobility

Its ecological connotations have placed electric cars in an alternative of social interest and of great value in terms of sustainability. In fact, the Government has recently launched the Moves 2023 Plan. This program is budgeted at 400 million euros that will be used to encourage the purchase of sustainable vehicles and install more charging points around the country. Request information and find out what kind of advantages you can get by buying an electric car this year.

In addition, there are other advantages that can benefit you in the long run. For example, from its acquisition you will be able to access discounts on road tax, exemption from registration tax or the possibility of driving through city centers thanks to the zero label.


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