Getting into a road truck accident is a traumatic event. You can get severe injuries, and your vehicle may need repair. You may also face significant mental trauma from the incident. If your truck gets involved in a road accident, your insurance might require you to repair it. However, you must first ensure you are out of harm’s way. You should also consider legal action against the individual responsible for the accident. Here’s what you should do:

Get Medical Attention after a truck accident

You might be tempted to treat your injuries yourself or shrug off any pain after an accident. However, that may invite long-term complications. Your injuries can range from minor road rashes and bone fractures to potentially life-threatening injuries like traumatic brain injuries. Only a medical professional can differentiate between minor and significant injuries, so don’t self-diagnose or self-medicate. A report from the hospital will also be helpful if you decide to take legal action against the party causing the accident. 

Prepare for Legalities

Many states mandate that you call the police immediately after your accident. When a police officer arrives, they will compile an accident report which your insurance company might need. If you’re conscious, stay vigilant and document every necessary detail, like the vehicle’s number, color, and make. Note the road conditions and the weather, as well as your injuries. You will need this information if you decide to sue the responsible driver. Get an auto accident attorney and determine if you can receive financial compensation. Your attorney may help you reach a settlement with the responsible driver’s insurance company or file a lawsuit.   

Deal With Your Insurance Company

You will submit the accident report the police officer makes to your insurance company to file a claim. 38 states follow a ‘fault’ policy in which you can seek compensation from individuals at fault for the accident or from your insurance. Twelve states follow a ‘no fault’ policy in which you can only seek compensation from your insurance company. Most insurance companies offer collision coverage, making you eligible for a payout when you get into an accident. You can also get the payout if you collide with an object like a tree instead of another vehicle. 

Get Your Truck Repaired or Junked

You can DIY some repairs, but you may cause more damage, so take your vehicle to an auto shop. You can get your truck repaired by an auto shop your insurance company recommends. The shop will examine your vehicle and estimate the cost of repairing the damage. The insurance company will then approve the repairs, and you can drop your truck off at the shop. In case the damages are too extensive, your insurance company will not authorize the repairs. In such a scenario, consider selling your truck to a junkyard to get extra cash to buy a new truck.


Getting into an accident can be scary. You must ensure your physical, mental, and legal well-being when you get into an accident. See a medical specialist to ensure you don’t get any long-term damage from the accident. Report the accident to the police and file an insurance claim. Pick a suitable repair shop to get your truck repaired. If the accident wasn’t your fault, consider seeking compensation from the responsible driver. An auto accident attorney can help you reach a fair settlement.


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