Car AccidentAfter a car accident, you are entitled to damages under the state’s personal injury laws. This allows you to recover compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, repairing or replacing your vehicle, and other damages. To win a settlement, you need to prove your losses and establish liability under car accident law

The best way to get the maximum settlement possible is to work with an experienced personal injury attorney. They can use their resources to establish the other driver’s fault and provide aggressive yet compassionate representation.

The Police Report of the Car Accident

The police report is generated by the officer who arrives at the scene of your accident and speaks to the drivers involved and witnesses. Law enforcement will write down details such as when and where the accident occurred, who is involved, and their contact information. They may also write their opinion on who they believe was at fault for the accident. 

Sometimes, law enforcement officers draw in the police report to visually explain the accident. This information is useful in determining who is liable for your accident and how it was caused.

Your Medical Records

Your medical records not only demonstrate how the accident physically affected you, but they also prove how much your healthcare has cost. These are necessary to prove how much you are owed in damages and the extent that you have physically suffered as a result of the accident.

Proof of Lost Wages from Car Accident

If your injuries prevent you from going back to work, you are entitled to lost wages and damages for your future lost earning capacity. You can use your tax information, an offer letter from a future employer, or a statement from your current boss as evidence. If you have questions about proving your income, a personal injury attorney can assist you in calculating your lost wages and future lost earning potential. 

Photos and Videos Are Helpful

Although you don’t need photos and videos from the scene of the accident to file your claim, they can be helpful. The insurance adjuster will take photos of the damaged vehicle after it has been towed, but when you take pictures from the scene of the accident, it demonstrates which car ended up where and where the point of impact was on each vehicle. Even a few snapshots on your phone or footage from a dash cam can be useful in establishing liability in a personal injury claim.

Why You Should Hire an Attorney

If you are looking to file a personal injury claim, you should speak to an attorney immediately. An attorney with years of experience winning high settlements for their clients will know how to advise you so that you are aware of what is happening at every step of your claim.

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