A selfless West Virginia man was found dead after he picked up a stranger while vacationing in South Carolina, his widow has revealed.

Josh Wilson, 40, was driving to his hotel room in Myrtle Beach last month with his family when they stopped at a gas station, where a stranger asked him for a ride, The Sun News reported.

Wilson — who was visiting from Parkersburg, West Virginia — agreed to give the unknown man a lift after dropping his family off, according to the outlet.

“I didn’t think anything of it because he does it all the time,” his wife, Staci, told the newspaper.

But Wilson was later found in his car with gunshot wounds, the news site reported. He was brought to a hospital, where he was taken off life support on July 10.

Cops believe the man who asked for the ride wasn’t who killed the 40-year-old West Virginian, according to a story published in mid-July by a local ABC TV station.

Josh and Staci Wilson
Josh Wilson was found dead with gunshot wounds after giving a stranger a ride in South Carolina.
Facebook/Staci Wilson

Police have charged Quentin Ahmad Jean, 35, in the shooting, but questions still remain about Wilson’s final hours.

Josh Wilson’s widow told The Sun News that she is “trying to stay strong for the kids.

“I went to the beach with my husband and came back alone. He died a day before my birthday,” recalled. “People were telling me happy birthday, but I don’t care. I honestly never want to celebrate it again.”

The grieving widow described her late husband as altruistic and good-hearted.

Quentin Ahmad Jean
Quentin Ahmad Jean has been charged for Josh Wilson’s murder.
J. Reuben Long Detention Center
Josh Wilson, wife Staci and children
Josh Wilson found dead with gunshot wounds after giving a stranger a ride in South Carolina.

“He was always kind to everybody. It didn’t matter if you were homeless, a struggling addict, if you was rich. He was nice and he tried to help out everybody and that’s how we got in this situation.”

“Nobody deserves to be taken away from their nephews, their kids, their wife, who all really loved him and knew him as a person,” she added. “He didn’t deserve that. We were supposed to leave as a family on the sixth. We were supposed to go back to work on the seventh. … He said he wanted to grow old with me, sit on porch swings and watch the grandkids.”


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