Video footage shows a black bear acting like Goldilocks.

The plucky bruin made him self into an unwelcome houseguest this week, when he broke into a Connecticut home two days in a row and spent time rummaging through the family’s kitchen and chowing down on marshmallows, according to a report.

“I mean, I don’t care, run around the yard all you want, but now you’ve crossed the line,” West Hartford homeowner Bill Priest told WECT about the breaking-and-entering bear.

Priest was working outside his home on Sunday when he first noticed the beast rummaging through his kitchen.

Luckily, the unwelcomed guest left without causing any damage — but he did sample the family’s supply of snacks, including marshmallows.

The following morning, Priest heard noises at the front door, thinking it was his wife.

Instead of receiving a good morning kiss, he received greetings from the black bear he believes broke into his home the day before.

Black bear in West Hartford CT
The bear strolls through the kitchen looking for a snack.
Black bear in West Hartford CT
The homeowner shooed the bear out of the kitchen.

“I thought it was my wife just checking out on the front taking a look around, but it turns out he [the bear] was here,” Priest said.

The animal, who seemed to be coming back for seconds, broke through the front screen door and attempted to get inside again.

Priest called the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) to get rid of the furry guy.

Black bear in West Hartford CT
West Hartford residents are use to seeing the animals roaming near family homes.
Black bear in West Hartford CT
Bill Priest believes this is the same bear who previously broke into his home.
Black bear in West Hartford CT
The bruin made its way inside the family home through the front door.

Families in the West Hartford community are not surprised by the bear invasion.

“We see bears here all the time,” Hoang Wood, a resident in the area, said to WECT.

The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection arrived Monday afternoon to set up the trap baited with donuts.

The crew plans to humanely capture the black bear, so they could tag it and safely release it. 

DEEP encourages families to avoid leaving any foods outside that is easily accessible to animals on Facebook, along with several other tips.


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