claimIf you were in a car accident, you can file a claim to recover compensation for your losses. The amount can go a long way in helping you pay for medical bills and other costs. However, the insurance company may reject your claim, leaving you thinking there is nothing you can do. 

Having your declaration rejected doesn’t have to be the end of the road. You can take certain steps to appeal the rejection of your claim. If you live in an area like the Bronx, for example, you’ll want to search for a Bronx car accident lawyer to help you get justice. 

Read on for more details on what you can do if an insurer rejects your car accident claim.

Understand Why the Insurance Company Rejected Your Claim

After the insurer rejects your declaration, you want to know why they did so. Understanding the ‘why’ will help determine if you can appeal the denial. An insurance company may reject your car accident claim for many reasons. Some of the common ones include:

Policy Exclusions

An insurance company may reject your claim because of a policy exclusion. A policy exclusion occurs when a policy doesn’t cover certain types of accidents or damages. For example, a policy may say that it doesn’t cover damage caused by weather. For that reason, the insurance company can deny a declaration if bad weather caused the accident. 

Lapsed Coverage

Lapsed coverage is when you don’t have an active car insurance policy. Insurance companies can deny claims if the claimant has a lapsed insurance policy. Paying premiums on time can help you avoid a claim rejection due to lapsed coverage. 

In addition to a declaration rejection, lapsed coverage may result in penalties. For example, your state may suspend your driver’s license.

Claim Exceeding Policy Limits

Policy limits are the maximum amount of money that insurance will cover. The amount you’re asking for may be more than the policy limits. Thus, the insurance company will not cover the amount and may deny your claim.

Falsifying Information

If an insurer finds out you lied during the claims process, they may reject your claim. Committing insurance fraud may also have other serious repercussions.  

Insurance companies investigate declaration thoroughly to ensure that you are being honest. During investigations, they may find inconsistencies between your statement and the evidence. Thus, the insurer may decide to deny your car accident claim.

Appeal the Car Insurance Claim Rejection

You have a right to appeal a claim rejection if you feel the insurer made an error in their decision. Most insurers have a clear process that you can follow to appeal a rejected declaration. Here are the steps that you can follow to appeal a car insurance claim rejection. 

Carefully Read the Denial Letter

A denial letter provides you with the reasons why the insurer claim rejected the claim. It’s likely that the insurance company will automatically provide the letter. However, if they don’t, ensure you request them for it. The denial letter will help you build a case to appeal the decision. 

Gather Evidence

Based on the denial letter, you’ll be able to gather evidence to support your appeal. A copy of the initial declaration form can serve as evidence. Repair invoices, police reports, and witness statements can also support your appeal. 

Other types of evidence you can gather include:

  • Medical records and bills related to any injuries
  • Photographs of the scene of the accident or damaged vehicle
  • Video surveillance footage

Write an Appeal Letter

An appeal letter allows you to explain why you believe the denial was wrong. The letter should summarize your claim. It should also include the evidence you’ve gathered to support your case. The letter should be professional, clear, and concise. 

The appeals process may feel daunting. You can hire a lawyer to review your declaration and help you fight for justice. 

The Takeaway

After your car accident claim gets rejected, you may feel frustrated and defeated. However, it’s important to remember that you still have options. You can appeal the decision and fight for the compensation you deserve.


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