Terrifying footage from Kyiv shows an explosion engulfing a popular footbridge in the Ukrainian capital, as dozens of Russian missiles rained down on Ukraine Monday morning.

The security footage from Kyiv’s Glass Bridge shows the shockwave from an apparent missile impact on the ground below shatter the tourist attraction’s glass sides. A ball of smoke and flame rises up to engulf the bridge.

At least one person was on the bridge when it was struck. A woman in civilian clothing can be seen walking towards the middle of the bridge as the missile explodes. She flinches at the explosion before turning and running in the other direction.

The timestamp on the footage indicates the strike happened around 8:18 in the morning, Kyiv time.

“Such a time and such targets were specially chosen to cause as much damage as possible,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a video address to Ukrainian citizens Monday.

A screengrab from security footage showing the moment of explosion
The missile that struck the heart of Lyiv Monday morning was one of dozens launched against civilian areas of Ukraine.

The video, apparently shot by Zelensky himself on a cell phone, was filmed on a vacant Kyiv street in broad daylight as he asked Ukrainians to “please stay in shelters today.”

“The enemy wants us to be afraid, wants to make people run,” he said. “But we can only run forward, and we demonstrate this on the battlefield.

“Ukraine existed before this enemy appeared, and Ukraine will exist after it,” Zelensky added.

Two children looking through the glass floor of the bridge
The Glass Bridge, in peacetime, was a popular tourist attraction near the seat of Ukrainian government.

The glass-bottomed footbridge hit in the strike sits a mere 3,000 miles from Kyiv’s complex of government buildings, which includes the presidential palace and Ukrainian parliament.

Zelensky’s video was filmed in front of the Presidential Office, several blocks away.

Monday’s attack on Kyiv was the first assault on the Ukrainian capital in months, and part of a coordinated series of strikes against major civilian centers throughout the country.

Ukrainian authorities reported explosions in at least 10 cities, including the far west city of Lviv, which has been relatively untouched by the war.

A screengrab from security footage showing the moment of explosion
At least one Ukrainian was on the bridge when it was hit. They can be seen fleeing the bridge in the security footage.

Ukraine’s Emergency Services reported at least 11 dead in the strikes and 89 injured.

Ukrainian authorities also reported partial power outages across 15 provinces Monday as a result of strikes on infrastructure.

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