Haunting video footage appears to show a 22-year-old Arizona tourist being swept away in terrifying floodwater in Utah’s Zion National Park three days before her body was found.

The clip shared by KUTV2 shows at least two people clinging to downed chunks of trees as they sweep past in a torrent of muddy water.

One woman shouts “Dad!,” possibly at one of the two people visible in the clip, as another helpless onlooker gasps, “Oh my God!”

Jetal Agnihotri's family believes the video shows the 22-year-old tourist being swept to her death.
The haunting video shot by a helpless onlooker appears to show Jetal Agnihotri being swept away in the floodwater alongside another hiker, who was found safe.
Twitter / @ArielleHarrison

The brother of Jetal Agnihotri — whose body was found Monday after a massive search — fears the chilling footage captures the final moments of his sister, who he previously revealed could not swim.

“We believe it’s her,” the brother, Pujan Agnihotri, told the local station.

His sister had been hiking with friends through a well-known slot canyon called The Narrows on Friday afternoon when the group was swept downstream by flash floodwaters overtaking the Virgin River.

Jetal Agnihotri, 22, who was found dead after being swept away by floodwater in Utah's Zion National Park.
“We believe it’s her,” Jetal Agnihotri’s brother told KUTV2.
Facebook / Jetal Agnihotri

Monsoon rains had increased the amount of water flowing there by a staggering 8,229 gallons, officials said.

Park rangers quickly found an injured hiker who had been swept downstream several hundred yards, as well as several hikers who were isolated by high water on high ground.

Rescuers initially believed that everyone had been accounted for — until hours later, when late Friday someone reported Agnihotri still missing, the National Park Service revealed Tuesday.

Park rangers searched through the night, with extra help mobilized the next day, with swift water trained rescuers, search dogs, and more than 170 emergency responders, the National Park Service said.

The Tucson tourist’s body was finally found Monday, about 6 miles south of where she had been swept away by the Narrows, officials said.

Video shows hikers swept away in floodwater.
Monsoon rains had increased the amount of water flowing in the park’s Virgin River by a staggering 8,229 gallons when the hikers were swept away.
Twitter / @ArielleHarrison
Jetal Agnihotri, 22, during earlier travels to NYC.
The 22-year-old Tucson tourist’s body was found Monday about 6 miles from where she’d been swept away.
Facebook / Jetal Agnihotri

“Our deepest sympathy goes out to the friends and family of Jetal Agnihotri,” said Zion National Park superintendent Jeff Bradybaugh.


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