Six vandals ransacked a minority-owned Portland, Oregon coffee shop early Wednesday morning amid online backlash to a “Coffee with a Cop” event that the business had planned.

The masked goons were seen on security footage arriving at the Bison Coffeehouse around 3 a.m. and breaking the store’s windows with hammers and crowbars, according to The Oregonian.

The suspects also discharged a fire extinguisher that left white residue all over the store, police said.

A picture of the looted Bison Coffeehouse
Six masked suspects destroyed the Bison Coffeehouse’s windows and sprayed white residue all over the interior, police said.
Twitter / @tedwheeler
Another picture of glass all over the floor of the shop
The suspects could face hate crime charges, officials said.
Instagram / bisoncoffeehouse

Owner Loretta Guzman told the paper that waking up to the damage had left her “kind of numb.”

Guzman reportedly said police had asked her if she would host a two-hour community meet-and-greet at her establishment.

When she promoted the event on Instagram Tuesday, her post was inundated with harsh anti-cop sentiment.

“Police and policing is inherently violent and should never be supported let alone given more space. So disappointing to see,” one person wrote.

“Well I know where I won’t be getting coffee tomorrow morning lol,” another said.

“Hard no. This is appalling,” another comment read.

Guzman is a Native American and her shop is adorned with tribal artwork that promotes and celebrates her indigenous culture, according to Thrillist.

Pictures of the interiors of the damaged shop
Native American owner Loretta Guzman is now raising money online to cover the damages.
Instagram / bisoncoffeehouse

“I was just hoping people from the community could bring their concerns, their questions — because there’s a lot of questions right now that people have for the police,” Guzman told the local outlet.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler admonished the “hate-filled acts” in statements posted to Twitter.

“Upon arrest, I will advocate for the prosecution to the fullest extent of the law—including potential federal hate crimes,” Wheeler promised.

Responding cops helped Guzman clean up her damaged store, Portland Police Bureau spokesperson Sgt. Kevin Allen said.

Coffee with a Cop logo
Backlash to the “Coffee with a Cop” event was swift and brutal on Instagram.
Instagram / bisoncoffeehouse

“PPB has no plans to change our efforts to work closely with community members on the public safety concerns they have,” he told the paper.

“Having that community partnership is a critical part of the success of these events, so we’re grateful to Bison’s owner.”

Guzman’s shop was boarded up Wednesday and she started an online fundraiser to help mitigate the costs of the damages.

“I’m hoping they’re trying to make a change from all the stuff that happened over the years,” she said, referencing police brutality. “You don’t have the answers, but maybe you can try to figure things out, to make things better.”

“That was my thought — at least we can try.”

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