In this episode, Sydney Clermont, Senior Director of Customer Success Operations at Pikmykid, joins to discuss how EdTech can be used by a school or district to help promote school safety.  You’ll also hear how Pikmykid empowers schools in all areas of school safety including parent engagement and communication, streamlining daily processes, emergency document storage, and lots more!

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Tips to Promote School Safety

  • Help your school staff build routines during school dismissal.
  • Use technology to help everyone save time.
  • Increase family engagement by making it easy for them to communicate.
  • Technology can help transform chaotic parts of the school day, including dismissal.

Sponsored by Pikmykid

This episode is sponsored by Pikmykid. Many schools struggle with dismissal processes that waste time and leave students vulnerable. Pikmykid empowers schools to simplify dismissal, engage parents, and keep students safe with their easy-to-use platform for both dismissal and emergency management. That way, everyone has peace of mind and can focus on what really matters, learning. Get started transforming your school safety on the platform used by over 2,500 schools in all 50 states at by requesting a demo.

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