There are many ways that you can use CBD, or cannabidiol. A topical CBD product is just a cream, salve, or lotion that has CBD in it. You can apply it directly to your skin. While we cannot make any medical or health claims, CBD cream is often used on the skin.

The research on CBD products is still in the earliest stages. However, one study from 2016 suggested that CBD topicals might work well for some issues. The study was done on rats, and it suggested that CBD topicals may help manage the inflammation and pain from the condition in rats. While we cannot make any medical claims and the research is still ongoing, CBD creams might act the same in humans! Just ask your neighbor or someone that has used it recently!

It is Believed to Help Battle Against Chronic Pain

How Do CBD Topicals Work?

Some people might use CBD topicals as an alternative to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Often, NSAIDs can cause undesirable side effects and can be harmful if you take them for too long. This is not intended to be a medical claim, and more research is needed, we are just reporting how some use CBD.

You can even find CBD in some skincare products and cosmetics. While it is not proven yet with research, some people believe that the products help their skin.

There was even a very reputable study that showed that CBD might help with other skin issues.

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Do They Work?

One of the main advantages of using topical products is that you are only targeting one area of your body — the joint or muscle that is of issue. You don’t have to put the CBD in your bloodstream. On the other hand, if you have a systematic problem, then you might want to consider ingesting CBD, as well.

Some people believe that CBD does more than just cover the issue, as over-the-counter relievers do. They believe that the products can even make the issue go away completely. That is because your skin has so many cannabinoid receptors in it. These are part of your body’s endocannabinoid system, which is a system in your whole body that affects important functions.

Your skin is not the only area that has cannabinoid receptors in it. They are all over your body and may affect the way you feel pain, your immune function, and even your mood. Your body produces cannabinoids, which are chemicals that interact with the receptors, just like CBD and THC do. Some researchers believe that CBD might be able to turn down inflammatory markers, which people who have certain conditions may have more of.

A 2017 study suggested that preventative treatment with CBD might stop pain in rats while hindering more pain from developing. Of course, more research is still needed to see what the longer-term effects of CBD are for various health conditions.

Is CBD Legal?

In 2018, the Farm Bill made it legal to grow hemp, which can be used to create CBD products. However, many people are still confused about the legality of CBD. Before using it, you should check with your state government’s website to make sure that you can legally enjoy a CBD topical.

The Food and Drug Administration does not currently regulate CBD, which means the dose is up to you and your doctor. The only product with CBD that the FDA regulates is a medication for those who have epileptic seizures caused by Dravet syndrome or Lennox-Gastaut syndrome.

Safety When Buying CBD Products

If you want to try out CBD for yourself, you will want to make sure that you get a reliable product. You have to be vigilant when you are getting a CBD product, particularly because the hemp industry is not very regulated.

First, you should be cautious if the claims seem too good to be true. Remember that CBD cannot cure anything, and producers are not allowed to say it will treat any health conditions. See if the manufacturer offers a certificate of authenticity, otherwise known as a COA. These are the lab results…

This is a document that says that the product has been tested in a laboratory, and you can look at a breakdown of each ingredient that is in the CBD. This should be from a third-party lab, which will not be biased by the company. At Peak City CBD, we offer these for viewing anytime on our website: https://peakcitycbd.com/lab-testing/

This will help you know what you are getting in advance. For example, if you make an impulse buy and do not take the time to research it, you might not get what you are hoping for. Some products that say they have CBD actually don’t have any.

You will want to read the label to make sure that it doesn’t have any ingredients that you are allergic to. Luckily, there are not any reports about an allergy to CBD. There might be some other considerations that are important to you, as well. That might include being free of parabens and cruelty-free.

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Speaking with Your Doctor

Before trying any hemp-derived product, you should speak with your doctor especially if you have an underlying medical condition that requires you to take medication. That is because CBD may affect or interact with other medications that you are taking. Of course, this concern is bigger if you are ingesting the product instead of just using it on your skin. Using CBD cream for aches and pains can seem fairly harmless as you are not ingesting it, but you should always think it through and be careful.

Your doctor can also help you decide how much of the CBD topical to use each time. And you can talk to them about how often to use the topical. Many people choose to apply the cream every four to six hours.

You will also want to look for any unintended side effects. Even though CBD topicals are not associated with negative side effects, people may have some skin irritation from another ingredient in the product. Typically, side effects from CBD come from edibles and oils, not topicals.

Closing Thoughts

The effects of CBD vary from person to person. It might help you, but others may not benefit from it at all. Some people believe that products that are higher in THC offer greater relief for symptoms. Scientists are actively doing research on CBD, we are doing some at Peak City CBD as well. The anecdotal evidence about the effectiveness of CBD, however, is hard to dispute or ignore.

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