There’s no poking fun in this pokey!

British prison guards were sent to classes for “banter lessons” to avoid hurting jailbirds’ feelings with good-natured ribbing, according to a report.

Sixteen officers at the Moorland Prison in Doncaster, England attended the workshop to avoid bruising the egos of inmates — after prisoners filed 51 complaints about “offensive language” over the past year, according to the The Sun.

“There are all sorts of initiatives and workshops these days to ensure prison officers don’t breach equality rules — but a banter workshop is a new one on me,” a former prison staffer told the outlet.

He said sensitivity training about someone’s race or disability is fine, but that classes advising guards not to make playful wisecracks is over the top.

Moorland Prison in Doncaster, England
Staff at the Moorland Prison in Doncaster, England attended courses on equality and diversity training and “banter” workshops.

“You can hardly even take the mick out of the football team someone supports,” he said.

At least 49 officers at the 1,000-capacity clink also attended an online workshop that teaches diversity training over the past year, officials said.

“The prison has online equality and diversity training for staff, with 49 staff completing this within the past year,” according to a report from the prison’s Independent Monitoring Board. “During the year, 16 staff attended ‘banter’ workshops.”


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