Former President Donald Trump and the Republican Party remained in Herschel Walker’s corner Tuesday following a report that alleged the pro-life Senate hopeful from Georgia paid for an ex-girlfriend to get an abortion 13 years ago. 

Trump said Walker, whom he encouraged to challenge incumbent Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock, has been “slandered and maligned by the Fake News Media and obviously, the Democrats.”

“Interestingly, I’ve heard many horrible things about his opponent, Raphael Warnock, things that nobody should be talking about, so we don’t. Herschel has properly denied the charges against him, and I have no doubt he is correct,” the former president said on Truth Social.

“They are trying to destroy a man who has true greatness in his future, just as he had athletic greatness in his past,” Trump continued. “It’s very important for our Country and the Great State of Georgia that Herschel Walker wins this Election. With all that Herschel has accomplished, when you come from Georgia, and you see the name Herschel Walker when voting, it will be very hard to resist. Don’t!”

Former President Donald Trump
Former President Donald Trump and the Republican Party remained in Herschel Walker’s corner.
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Herschel Walker
Trump said Walker, who is challenging Sen. Raphael Warnock, has been “slandered.”

Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.), who heads up the National Republican Senatorial Committee, said the attack on Walker was orchestrated by Democrats who fear they will lose control of the Senate in the Nov. 8 midterm elections.

“When the Democrats are losing, as they are right now, they lie and cheat and smear their opponents. That’s what’s happening right now. They know they are on the verge of losing the Senate, and they know that Herschel Walker is winning, so they have cranked up the smear machine,” Scott said in a statement. 

He compared the allegations against Walker to the attacks on conservative Supreme Court Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Clarence Thomas, but vowed they “will not work.”

Rick Scott
Sen. Rick Scott said the attack on Walker was orchestrated by Democrats.
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“Herschel has denied these allegations and the NRSC and Republicans stand with him, and Georgians will stand with him too,” the statement said. 

Walker, who has spoken in support of a national abortion ban, denied the Daily Beast report that he paid for the abortion in 2009 in Twitter postings and an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity.  

“It is a flat-out lie, and now you know how important this seat is,” the former football star told Hannity on Monday night.

“They’ll do anything to win the seat, lie, because they want to make it about everything else except for the true problems that we have in this country is,” said Walker, who is narrowly trailing Warnock according to a RealClear Politics average of the polls. “There’s inflation, the border wide open, crime, they don’t want to talk about that.”

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