Donald Trump’s lawyers are in talks with Justice Department officials — a sign that a federal criminal investigation into the former president’s role in the Capitol riots is moving forward, according to a report.

The discussions with the Washington DC US Attorney’s office and lead Jan. 6 prosecutor Thomas Windom have revolved around whether Trump could use executive privilege to block conversations he had while in the White House, according to CNN.

The DOJ reportedly declined to comment, while Trump’s team blasted the notion the conversations could be used to incriminate him.

“How can any future President ever have private conversations with his attorneys, counselors, and other senior advisors if any such advisor is forced, either during or after the Presidency, in front of an Unselect Committee or other entity, and be forced to reveal those privileged, confidential discussions?” a spokesperson told CNN.

“President Trump will not be deterred by witch hunts or kangaroo courts from continuing to defend and fight for America, our Constitution, and the Truth.”

Reports say that Trump watched television during the majority of the riots.
The former president is said to believe he won’t face charges over the Capitol riot.
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Reports of the legal discussions came after investigators subpoenaed multiple former White House officials in recent weeks while probing lawyers involved with the administration’s effort to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

Trump, 76, is said to believe he won’t face charges in connection with the uprising but has “grilled” his lawyers and members about a potential indictment, sources told the network.

The potential 2024 candidate was reportedly said to have recently ignored advice to stop talking to former and current aides who are ensnared in the select House committee’s probe into the riots and could be part of a criminal investigation.

Trump’s advisors were said to be particularly concerned about closing the line of communication between the Republican and his former chief of staff Mark Meadows, who has been extensively probed by the Congressional panel while his former aide Cassidy Hutchinson cooperates with the DOJ.

Trump and Meadows had “spoken a number of times” even as their relationship had recently cooled, according to the report.

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