A Florida man on trial for attempted murder abruptly axed his lawyers Wednesday so he could personally cross-examine the alleged victim — his ex-wife.

Trevor Summers, 45, is accused of sneaking into the home of his then estranged spouse, Alisa Mathewson, in March 2017 to carry out a murder-suicide plot.

Prosecutors said Summers hogtied Mathewson — the mother of his five kids — with Christmas lights and raped her during the two-day ordeal.

Prosecutors said Summers hogtied his estranged wife with Christmas lights and raped her.
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Trevor Summers arrives in the Florida courtroom on August 22.
Trevor Summers arrives in the Florida courtroom on August 22.
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The victim appeared badly shaken Wednesday after realizing that her tormentor was set to interrogate her at his leisure.

“Good morning, Ms. Mathewson,” Summers said, as his ex-wife teared up and looked away without a response.

The defendant quizzed her about their sex life before prosecutors objected — and challenged the claim that he had raped her after entering her residence through a window.

“You broke into my home in the middle of the night… attacked me and tied me up,” Mathewson said after one of his questions. “Yes, you threatened me to have sex with you. You raped me!”

“So you’re calling it rape?” Summers responded.

“It is!” Mathewson said. “That is the definition of rape. To come into someone’s home and attack them and tie them up and then have sex with them! That is the definition of rape!”

According to prosecutors, Summers later left the home and drove with Mathewson in search of a secluded marina where he planned to charter a boat, kill her, and then himself.

But the captive seized an opportunity to flee when Summers stopped at a Walmart. Mathewson sneaked out of the car and ran around the parking lot while screaming for help.

Trevor Summer
Summers chose to axe his lawyers so that he could personally cross-examine his ex-wife.
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An employee called police after spotting Summers frantically shoving her back in the car and speeding off, prosecutors said.

Mathewson testified Monday that Summers drove her to a secluded area and slashed her wrist to punish her for the escape try.

The saga finally concluded with Summers cutting his neck and attempting to strangle Mathewson with a rope before officers arrived at the scene and placed him in custody.

The trial will continue into the evening.


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