Having worked with some of the best retail chains over the past 30 years, and trained literally thousands of Regional and District Managers, we can confidently predict how well these key territory leaders are performing in their roles.  The customer experience, and the staff experience, are completely impacted by how well your territory managers perform.  Not to mention the results you generate from your stores.

Here are the 10 questions we ask (and you should too) to predict performance:

  • How out of control is staff turnover?
  • Is everyone in the territory aligned on the right objectives, all the time?
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how is compliance on standards in the stores? (10/10  is the only right answer)
  • How proactively and effectively do you deal with performance issues?
  • Are all the merchandising, marketing plans executed flawlessly in the stores?
  • Does every store visit result in a significant improvement in performance?
  • Is the fact that you have multiple generations working side by side causing you stress?
  • Do you feel that your teams are truly following you?
  • How many sales do you think you’re leaving on the table every day?
  • How much time each day do you invest in developing Talent?

If the answers to these questions don’t sit well for you, then you can confidently predict less than ideal performance.

That’s why our 3-Day Intensive Training Workshop for Retail District Managers is so important to your business.  This is the one and only workshop that gives your Regional and District Managers the skills, tools and systems they need to succeed.

Do you want to be able to answer all 10 of the questions above with a positive answer? Then, sign up your territory leaders today for what will be a game-changing experience.  For most Regional and District Managers, this is the only training they will receive … and desperately need!

You can download the program brochure here  that outlines the jam-packed details of this 3-Day Event.

Your territory leaders deserve this training.  Your front line staff need them to have it.  Your results depend on it.

Your territory leaders will come back re-energized, re-focused and ready more than ever to deliver on the results you need.  The customer experience you need.  The staff experience you need.

Sign up today and we’ll even save you $250.  It’ll be the best decision you make today.

All rates include our new DM App … a $400 value!

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