Extreme left Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her far-right congressional colleague Rep. Lauren Boebert are squabbling over who hosts a better town hall, days after one of AOC’s was crashed by liberal protesters

“On the rare occasions that [Ocasio-Cortez] actually spends time with her constituents, she is reminded that she has sold them out at every turn,” Boebert tweeted on Thursday, sharing an accompanying video of hecklers interrupting an AOC town hall event this week, who accused her of “voting to start a nuclear war” with Russia. 

The New York socialist lawmaker wasn’t having it and responded to Boebert’s criticism by calling the Republican from out west afraid to hold “town halls open to all.”

“Hey Boebert, you seem to have us confused,” AOC said on Twitter. “I have attended & hosted 100s of community events, hold regular town halls, don’t take a dime in corporate cash. You: are bankrolled by corporate PACs, Big Ag, & Oil, are too scared to hold regular town halls open to all.”

Lauren Boebert.
Lauren Boebert ripped AOC after protesters crashed the New York lawmaker’s recent town hall.
Lev Radin/Sipa USA

Boebert followed up, and took issue with Ocasio-Cortez clipping the video of the heckling incident out of her response, calling AOC part of the “machine now.” 

“I notice you took a screenshot of my tweet instead of sharing the original one with the video of you getting completely ripped to shreds by your own constituents.I have governed as I campaigned. You sold out your supporters. Just own it. You’re the machine now,” Boebert tweeted on Friday.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
AOC took issue with Boebert’s criticism and slammed the GOP congresswoman, accusing her of being “too scared” to hold town halls.
Dennis A. Clark
A man heckles Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez during a town hall event.
The protesters took issue with AOC’s support of sending military aid to Ukraine as it attempts to ward off a Russian invasion.

Far-left followers of the late conspiracy theorist Lyndon LaRouche, a perennial candidate for president who died in 2019 at the age of 96, crashed Ocasio-Cortez’s town hall earlier this week and slammed the congresswoman for her support of sending military aid to Ukraine. 

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