Electric Bikes for SeniorsIt can be challenging to get the recommended amount of exercise each day, especially as we age and our drive and physical capacity may wane. However, just like it is for everyone else, the elderly must maintain physical health. Three Wheel Electric Bikes for seniors are currently a trend among adults who struggle with balance and core strength. They are swift and agile and want you to feel at ease while riding a bike. Whether riding in city traffic or on a country road, this bike is quite simple to handle.

Among other advantages, riding a three wheel electric bike allows senior citizens to get the daily activity they need to keep healthy and enhances cognitive performance. Overall, seniors can get around very well on electric bikes. Grab E-Trikes for Sale at affordable prices.

Introduction of M-360 Adult Semi-Recumbent Electric Trike 2023

The EB 2.0 M-360 Electric Trike model from Addmotor, an e-bike company specializing in electric trikes and bicycles, has been unveiled online with improvements to the mechanical components, lighting, control, and battery systems. New army green and purple color options for the M-360 make it more stylish, cozier and secure. It is a fantastic semi recumbent bike that offers a more stable and comfortable ride for cruising and a light workout. For seniors and adults who wish to travel in a vehicle with lots of storage, comfort, and stability while exploring the outdoors, this is a perfect alternative. It can carry an adult who weighs roughly 350 lbs. and is suitable for persons who are between 5’6″ and 6’6″. A frame made of extra-durable aluminum makes carrying heavy weights simple. You can transport almost 100 lbs in the rear rack.

Battery System Of Addmotor Three Wheel Electric Bike

The EB 2.0 M-360 e-trike has the first 48V*20Ah UL-certified battery pack in the world. With PAS1 mode (8 MPH), it can assure an estimated maximum range of 85 miles, extending the range of any 2022 electric tricycle series by roughly 73%, depending on the riding conditions. The three wheel electric bike has the strength and capacity to accompany you on any excursion after only four hours of charging.

Lighting System Of M-360 E-Trike

The lighting system for the EB 2.0 M-360 electric trike consists of a multipurpose taillight and a 40-lumen headlight. Together, these parts can guarantee a visibility range of 200 meters, a 360-degree field of view, and waterproof and water-resistant performance in any direction that meets IPX5 standards. The taillight specifically uses ultrasonic welding and the MUC chip to display danger, driving, flashing, braking, and left and right turning signs.

Control System Of M-360 E-Trike

The control system operates more effectively and precisely. The EB 2.0 25A controller has been modified to a chip type, which makes it easier to construct diverse circuits and increases system stability for quick, effective, and precise command control. With a redesigned inner ring, the EB2.0 750W motor has less noise and improved heat dissipation capabilities to convert electrical energy into kinetic energy as efficiently as possible.

Color Options

The 3-wheel electric bikes for seniors come in up to six exquisite colors, including Orange. Blue with pearl white. Purple, Army Green, and Green. Having been painted and finished several times, the surface of the e-trikes seems smooth to the touch.

Get Comfy And Enjoy The Trip

Get comfortable without having to continually adjust your lower back thanks to the reclining chair. You may put your body in the most comfortable riding position with the help of the saddle and backrest. The 4-inch wide fat tires and unusual semi-recumbent construction are features of the fat electric trike M-360. It provides the highest level of riding comfort and makes navigating rocky terrain simple. For your convenience, it offers a 5-inch LCD display with a USB port and several riding modes. As each rear wheel has its own Tektro 180mm disc brakes, it has a well-balanced braking ability and offers a lot of stopping force. The main battery powers the integrated headlights and taillights, which are managed by the buttons.

Addmotor electric trike sale on Black Friday 2022 has amazing gifts which come with mirrors, mini bike pump, hard shell storage bag, and rim reflective tape stripes. You can visit Addmotor online e-bike store for more information.

Final Words

Enjoy every second of your travel and prioritize your health with the Addmotor M-360 three wheel electric bike without worrying about the roads, hills, or beaches. The three wheel electric bike is the ideal option for you whether you’re looking for a bike that will make your journey easier or a bike that you can use to move bulky objects.

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