Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is calling for “critical changes” to be made following the damning new report that found cops’ “lackadaisical approach” allowed the Uvalde school shooter to slaughter 21 kids and teachers unabated for more than an hour.

Abbott on Monday said the findings of the Texas House’s investigation, released the day before, were “beyond disturbing” and “raise serious concerns about the response that day.”

“There are critical changes needed as a result of the Texas House’s findings. With multiple investigations still ongoing, including those by the Texas Senate, FBI, and Texas Rangers, we will begin working with the legislature to develop and implement the necessary changes to improve public safety, school safety, and mental health assessment and treatment,” said the governor’s statement, which did not specify what changes need to be made.

The probe also found that Robb Elementary School and the school district failed to implement its own safety and active-shooter plan on May 24, when gunman Salvador Ramos stormed the building, gunning down 19 students and two teachers while police waited outside the classroom.

Abbott has already called for all state school campuses to check for any security weakness and for all teachers and school district police departments to be properly trained in the event of a school shooting before the start of this upcoming school year.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott called out Uvalde police about the horrific massacre.
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott called out Uvalde police about the horrific massacre.
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Meanwhile, the Texas Department of the Public Safety, the lead investigator into the shooting, started an internal review of its 91 officers who responded to the school “to determine if any violations of policy, law, or doctrine occurred.”

Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin announced the city’s acting police chief, Lt. Mariano Pargas, is on administrative leave while the city investigates if he was supposed to take command of the police response the day of the shooting.

Uvalde Consolidated School District Police Chief Pete Arredondo, who was said to be in charge that day, is also on leave following outrage over the cops’ botched response.

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