A Texas father shot two attempted robbery suspects who approached his SUV with his wife and two infant children inside, police announced Monday.

The husband and wife were arriving to their home just after midnight Sunday evening when the two teenage suspects approached the vehicle. The Harris County Sheriff’s Office said that the suspects attempted to open the vehicle’s rear door, where the two children were seated.

“The adult male feared for the safety of his family and fired shots and struck both suspects,” Sheriff Ed Gonzalez wrote in a statement. “The wife was driving and drove away after the shooting to get away from the suspects.”

“A car pulled up after the shooting driven by an [unknown] male believed to be with the suspects. Both wounded suspects were taken to hospitals by private vehicles. Both suspects are teens, 16 yrs old. Both are said to be stable & in fair condition,” Gonzalez added.

Police have not released any identifying information regarding the father nor his family.

Police have opened an investigation into the incident but say the father was within his rights to open fire. 

Damage down on the car.
Two teenage suspects tried to steal a car that two children were inside of.
Surveillance shows the teens breaking in.
The father shot the suspects as they approached his SUV.
Police talk with a man outside.
Both wounded suspects were taken to hospitals by private vehicles.

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