It’s not just a Bronx thing.

Sen. Ted Cruz was showered with boos by otherwise jubilant Houston Astros fans and pegged with a beer can during the team’s World Series victory parade on Monday.

Cruz (R-Texas) rode atop a military Humvee with his family during the parade through the city celebrating the Astros’ second World Series win in six years when he was hit by the cacophony of jeers, some one-finger salutes, and what appeared to be a full can of beer.

“Loud boos and middle fingers for Ted Cruz,” Houston sports reporter Ben DuBose wrote on Twitter. 

Cruz and another man on the Humvee attempted in vain to stop the beer can as it hurtled toward the senator, video footage from the incident showed.

Houston Police later confirmed that a 33-year-old man believed to have thrown the beer can at Cruz was arrested. The department added that the 51-year-old senator did not need medical attention.

The unidentified alleged beer-thrower was jailed on prospective assault charges. Formal charges were still pending as of Monday night.

Houston Astros World Series victory parade.
Cruz was hit with what appeared to be a full can of beer during the Houston Astros’ World Series victory parade.

The booing didn’t seem to put a damper on the festivities for Cruz, who insisted on Twitter later that he had “a great time” at the parade. 

“Fired up crowd today during the [Astros]  #WorldSeries parade! Such a great time celebrating an amazing team! #GoStros,” Cruz wrote on Monday. 

Cruz is no stranger to jeers from baseball fans. 

During the American League Championship Series in New York, several Yankees fans gave the Texas senator the middle finger as he waved to spectators from his seats behind home plate during Game 4.

Houston Astros World Series victory parade.
The Texas senator was also booed by New York Yankees fans during the American League Championship Series.

The Astros would go on to win the game to complete the series sweep, and Cruz had a one-word response on social media to hostile Yankees fans: “scoreboard.” 

Houston Astros World Series victory parade.
Cruz insisted that he had a great time at the parade despite the booing and the thrown beer.

Houston defeated the Philadelphia Phillies to take the title in six games, winning the clincher 4-1 on Saturday night. 

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