If your first reaction to this video is, ‘Grab the bug spray, hun!’ you are not alone. You are still not alone if your skin starts to itch while still watching.

A cloud-like swarm of bloodsucking mosquitoes took over a farmer’s verandah in central New South Wales, Australia, last month amid heavy rain and flooding in the region.

Nicole Frager captured the swarm on Oct. 21 during one of the wettest months on record for New South Wales, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

Frager said the days of heavy rainfall created the perfect conditions for mosquito breeding on her property. 

“This video was taken after four nights of decent rainfall,” she said. “The mosquitos came out with a vengeance.”

Frager said her new calves needed a backline treatment after they are born to try to keep the bulk of mosquitos off them.

“Otherwise, they get lethargic from the drop of their red blood cell count,” she added. “Our working dogs and chooks are also coping a beating from them too.”

Nicole Frager said the mosquitoes came out after four nights of rainfall.

A swarm of mosquitoes took over an Australian farmer’s deck during record rainfall and flooding in the region.

Australia’s science agency CSIRO said back in February that they expected high numbers of mosquitoes and mosquito-borne diseases over the summer when in La Niña rain cycles due to high rainfall in areas that are normally much drier.

La Niña conditions were expected to continue until early 2023, according to a BOM forecast, bringing an increased chance of above-average spring and summer rainfall in northern and eastern Australia.

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