Elon Musk restored the Twitter accounts of journalists who he’d banned for allegedly revealing his whereabouts in real time — but won’t let them post until they delete their offending tweets.

In a move reminiscent of the social media platform’s 2020 ban on The Post Musk claims the tweets in question violate the company’s rules.

Several of the reporters, including CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan and the Washington Post’s Drew Harwell, refused to remove the messages and told CNN they would appeal the decision instead.

Harwell and O’Sullivan did not respond to requests for comment from The Post.

Screenshots shared on Twitter show the company asking both reporters to delete tweets which included content relating to @ElonJet, an account which tracked the movements’ of Elon Musk’s plane, which the billionaire decided this week would be against the company’s rules going forward.

Musk said the publicly available plane tracking data — which he once vowed to allow — posed an unacceptable risk to himself and his family.

Several of the reporters including CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan said they will appeal the decision.
Several of the reporters including CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan said they will appeal the decision.
Jeremy Freeman

“They posted my exact real-time location, basically assassination coordinates, in (obvious) direct violation of Twitter terms of service,” Musk claimed of the suspended reporters.

Progressive activist Aaron Rupar complied with the removal request and has been tweeting much of Saturday.

“I want to thank everyone for all the support and kind words over the past day and some change. I was pretty bummed about getting suspended initially but quickly realized it’d be fine because I’m blessed to have an amazing online community. Seriously, I appreciate it a lot. Cheers,” he said in a tweet after returning.

If their appeals are unsuccessful, Harwell and O’Sullivan will almost certainly be required to delete their tweets or be indefinitely prevented from posting on the platform.

The Washington Post's Drew Harwell and other tweeted contented related to the account @ElonJet.
The Washington Post’s Drew Harwell and other tweeted contented related to the account @ElonJet.

Though Musk restored some reporters, Insider columnist Linette Lopez remained totally shut out of her account as of Saturday afternoon, with no indication when or if her ban would be reversed.

In October 2020, Twitter blocked The Post’s accounts at the behest of the Democratic Party in response to the paper’s reporting on Hunter Biden. The Post was similarly asked to delete tweets linking to the story, which the company claimed violated its terms of service. After The Post refused to backdown, Twitter ultimately relented, allowing the paper back after a 16-day standoff.

While liberal reporters at America’s largest newspapers were in Twitter jail, the pace of restoring accounts permanently banned by Twitter’s old regime has continued briskly.

On Friday alone, the company unbanned Project Veritas boss James O’Keefe, and former Newsmax White House Correspondent Emerald Robinson. Jim Hoft, editor of the far right Gateway Pundit, and conservative pillow salesman Mike Lindell were also returned to the platform.


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