Dozens of German warships that sank during World War II have resurfaced in the Danube River near Prahovo, Serbia.

The vessels — exposed due to the river’s low water levels — were among hundreds of Nazi Germany’s Black Sea fleet that retreated from Soviet forces in 1944.

The Danube flows through 10 European countries, making it the second-longest river on the continent. 

However, only a 330 ft. width of the river is navigable near the port town due to nearly two dozen shipwrecks discovered this year.

Much of the shipwrecks reportedly contain tons of ammunition and explosives, posing a threat to shipping and impeding river movement, according to Reuters. 

A sunken vessel was demined and removed from the river in March, costing the Serbian government nearly $30 million.

The sunked WW2 vessel claimed to have explosives that could have potentially threaten the Danube River.
The sunke WWII vessel may contain explosives.

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