The five tourists who spent more than 26 hours stuck underground in an Arizona cavern attraction following an elevator malfunction have been lifted to safety, officials said Tuesday.

The stranded party — which included a baby and a toddler — was rescued in a Monday evening operation after their elevator was grounded by a mechanical problem in the Grand Canyon Caverns in Peach Springs, Coconino County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Jon Paxton told The Post.

The group only planned on taking a brief tour when they became stuck 200 feet underground on Sunday evening.

After learning the elevator would not be repaired until Tuesday, officials presented the party with the option of being pulled out with the department’s tripod lift rescue system, which is usually used on cliff faces and bridges.

“A rope was sent down the elevator shaft and these people were lifted up individually. I think we were done sometime around 7,” Paxton said.

Medical problems prevented the group from climbing the 20 flights of stairs back to the ground level, Paxton said.

One of the trapped tourists, Sherry Jimenez, explained that conditions had also felt too unsafe to make their way up the stairs.

“There was no protection from anybody slipping and falling,” Jimenez told KNXV-TV.

Jimenez’s daughter-in-law had her two young children in tow and had run out of diapers and formula, according to the report.

The dry cavern features a restaurant and motel, where the tourists were being put up free of charge while they were stranded, officials said.

The family told the outlet they would not be going on another cavern tour “ever again.”

“I’m super frustrated because it’s 2022, almost 2023, and I think handicap accessible should definitely be advanced by now,” Sherry Jimenez’s daughter-in-law, Felicia, said.

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