Even Steve Bannon and other key advisers to former President Donald Trump have had enough of his latest stunts — demanding everyone behind his wacky NFT collection be “fired today.”

“I can’t do this anymore,” an exasperated-sounding Bannon said Thursday on his show, “The War Room,” when discussing the widely derided collection the 45th president launched the previous day.

Trump’s former key strategist maintained that the man he helped get into the White House was “one of the greatest presidents in history,” and said he still “loves the folks” working for him, including his communications team.

“But we’re at war. They oughta be fired today,” Bannon stated firmly.

Steve Bannon in court earlier this year.
Even Trump loyalist Steve Bannon has had enough of his latest antics.
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Steve Cortes, Steve Bannon and Dr. Sebastian Gorka attack Trump's campaign on "The War Room" Thursday.
Bannon noted that “you don’t have three harder cores” of Trump supporters than him, Dr. Sebastian Gorka and Steve Cortes.

Two fellow Trump White House advisers — Dr. Sebastian Gorka and Steve Cortes — fully agreed, with Bannon noting that “you don’t have three harder cores” of expected support than the three of them.

Trump’s latest stunt “never should have happened,” said Gorka, who was Trump’s deputy assistant and is now a host for America First.

“Whoever wrote that pitch should be fired and should never be involved” in any part of Trump’s 2024 campaign, he said. “We don’t have time to waste … the president should not be involved with this.”

Cortes went further, calling for the “firing of everybody” helping Trump at Mar-a-Lago, not just those involved in the cringe-worthy NFT release.

“Everybody who was involved in this video, and also everybody who was involved, or at least asleep at the wheel, while the dinner with Nazis happened,” he said, referring to Trump’s meeting with avowed Hitler lover Kanye “Ye” West and his Holocaust-denying adviser Nick Fuentes.

“Those people — all of them — have to go. They have to go for starters,” said the ex-president’s one-time assistant.

Cortes also stressed that “we can’t absolve President Trump of his responsibility” for the fiasco.

“It’s his campaign. It’s his operation. He has to get focused. He has to get really, really focused,” he said.

Cortes said the video Trump released is something he would expect from quirky Trump supporters like Diamond and Silk, “not the 45th president.”

“Donald Trump should not be doing this kind of video. The video shows a lack of discipline and focus, and to take on the intelligence community is going to require unbelievable steely discipline and focus.”


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