A Maryland couple claim a group of strangers have moved in to their recently-purchased home — and are refusing to leave.

The pair had just signed the contract on their new house in Clinton Thursday when they decided to drive by to take another look at the digs and celebrate the purchase, local CBS affiliate WUSA9 reported.

They were shocked to find a U-Haul truck in the driveway and people moving in. Now, those strangers won’t leave, claiming they signed a lease for the house, according to the report.

“It seem as though someone … has tried to take possession of the property,” Melea King, the couple’s realtor, told the outlet.

The couple are the legal owners of the home, which they bought from a bank after it was foreclosed on and abandoned, King said.

But the squatters who moved in have put up “private property” and “beware of dog” signs, the report said.

“We have an agreed sign ratified contract with the bank,” King said, adding she is speaking on behalf of the owners, who don’t want to be named.

Foreclosure home
The couple bought the home after it went in foreclosure, but the squatters believe they have the right to live there.
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Maryland couple
The Maryland couple’s new home now has signs and dogs to keep them off their own property.
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“Right now my clients are highly upset and we just don’t know what to do at this point,” she said. “It should not be taking this long for this to be addressed.”

The owners called the police on the squatters, but were told by the cops it seemed like a “civil matter” for the sheriff.

WUSA9 saw the two squatters at the home, one of whom said their uncle had a lease for the house.

“Once the police was on site, they took a look at the lease and it was not accurate. It was not correct,” King said, adding the couple wants answers from the bank about how the strangers were able to move in.

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