A spurned lover’s apparent desire for revenge against an ex-boyfriend backfired when she set the wrong North Carolina house on fire, authorities said.

The bizarre incident came to light when a homeowner woke up early Friday morning after a neighbor notified him that a woman was attempting to set his house ablaze, the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office said in a report.

As the homeowner raced to get a garden hose, there were burning pieces of wood encircling a propane tank on his front porch. But when he tried to use the hose, it didn’t work because the suspect, Christie Louise Jones, allegedly used Flex Seal to block it, deputies said, according to WBTV.

The homeowner then confronted Jones with his rifle as she was holding the leash to one of his dogs, authorities said. She “just mumbled” before she drove off as first responders, blaring their sirens, approached the scene, WBTC reported.

Jones allegedly brushed the homeowner with her car as she sped by him.

A witness told deputies a former boyfriend of Jones owned property in the neighborhood and they believe she might have had her eyes on the wrong house, the television station reported.

Deputies said there is no evidence the homeowner and Jones knew each other.

She was charged with first-degree arson, assault with a deadly weapon and larceny of an animal.

Damage to the house is roughly $20,000, according to investigators.

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