The three major technology companies have decided to abandon passwords altogether. Google, Apple, and Microsoft have joined forces to announce their commitment to building a password-free backpack where you will no longer need to enter passwords on your mobile phone, desktop, and browser devices.

In other words, these three companies work to deliver password-free authentication to all major device platforms, such as Android, iOS, Windows, ChromeOS, Chrome browser, Edge, Safari, and macOS, among others.

Apple’s chief marketing officer for platform products, Kurt Knight, said, “As we design our products to be accurate and functional, we also design them to be confidential and secure.” Google’s Director of Safeguarding at Google and President of FIDO Alliance, Sampath Srinivas, in a blog post, said, “The key to passing will bring us closer to the password-free future we’ve been mapping for over a decade.” Vasu Jakkal, Vice President of Company Security, Compliance, Ownership, and Management, wrote in a post, “Microsoft, Apple, and Google have announced plans to increase support for the standard password-free login.”

Signing in to your online account will be as easy as unlocking your phone by authenticating password-free authentication built with the cooperation of three technology companies.

For example, you set a password, PIN, or pattern to unlock your phone and continue using it every time you have to unlock your device. The same process will suffice to allow you to sign in to your online accounts.

You will not need to enter a password. A unique cryptographic token called a passkey will verify your login between your mobile phone and the website.

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