A human smuggler was busted by federal authorities for transporting migrants across the St. Clair River from Canada to Michigan via jet ski last weekend, authorities said.

The attempted aquatic operation was foiled when US Customs and Border Patrol agents saw three people on a jet ski zooming across the international border near the Blue Water Bridge, CBP announced on Tuesday.

The bridge separates the Canadian city of Port Edward in Ontario and Port Huron in Michigan at the mouth of the St. Clair River at the southern tip of Lake Huron.

U.S. Customs and Border Patrol helicopter
The jet ski was first observed crossing into US territory from the air by CBP’s Air and Marine Operations team.
U.S. Customs and Border Protecti

The jet ski stopped near Port Huron, where two people hopped off and began walking down the road and entered a vehicle, officials said.

The watercraft then turned around and motored back to Canada, where it was stopped by Marysville Station Border Patrol agents who discovered the two passengers were two male Brazilian nationals, aged 34 and 35.

The pair admitted to illegally crossing the border, CBP said. The driver, a 39-year-old US citizen, and the two Brazilians were taken to the Marysville station for processing.

Shortly after, CBP agents observed the same jet ski crossing the river into the US territory heading on the same course earlier. Two more people got off the jet ski and they were stopped by border patrol agents.

The duo, a 47-year-old male and a 44-year-old female also from Brazil, admitted that they had crossed the border illegally and were also transported to the Marysville Station for processing.

Twin spans of the Blue Water Bridge over the St. Clair River on the U.S. - Canada border.
The smugglers were caught transporting Brazilian nationals across the St. Clair River near the Blue Water Bridge, which separates the US and Canada.

None of the four Brazilian nationals had legal status to be in the US, CBP said.

Two other people were arrested by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in connection to the illegal crossing, officials said. Their investigation is ongoing.

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