Slamology 2022 has some amazing unique builds, motorcycle, etc.  We have named this section of coverage Other Rides.  Slamology 2022 Other Rides was held in Brownsburg, Indiana at Lucas Oil Raceway Park from June 10-12, 2022.  If you thought all you would see is Semis, Cars, and Trucks, and car audio builds  we had another thing in store for you!

Throughout the entire event, whether you were cruising in the cruse lane or getting demos done in the audio area, you were able to see rides that you wouldn’t expect to be there!  Whether it be a monster power wheel or a customized bike, we had them ALL!

Each year, the Slamology 2022 Other Rides section continue to surprise us as we never know what people may be bringing to the show.  The custom Golf Carts this year were out of this world with amazing full builds.  Then the custom motorcycles were just as amazing.

Slamology 2022 Other Rides

These custom motorcycles are not like any other, all vehicles on property must be custom in some way shape or form. From the outside, you may have thought that they just had a custom paint job.  Once you were able to get a closer look, you were able to see that they also had air ride systems, full audio builds, and more.  As we said previously, you never know what to expect!

Slamology 2022 Other Rides is something we look forward to every year.  We have had someone motorize a baby stroller and add subs, we have seen 12 seater golf carts with complete air ride sets up, and we LOVE to see the kids with their customized power wheels each year!

Photos by: Slamology 2022 Event Camera Crew

Chris Gosda, Jason Carroll, Double D, Rob Snodgrass and Dave Mattingly


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