Slamology 2022 Audio Competition was presented by B2 Audio and was held in Brownsburg, Indiana at Lucas Oil Raceway Park from June 10-12, 2022.  We are proud to continue on the title of “Worlds Largest Car Audio Competition,” for the 2022 year, and it’s all thanks to you guys!

If you are looking for a nail biting decibel racing style stereo contest or a Ear Breaking Demo that will make every hair on your body stand up you can find it in the Slamology 2022 Audio area.

Every year we have a 1 Million Square feet area designated for the car audio vehicles and competition organizations.  This gives them a chance to show off their audio builds with other audio fans, give demos, and even show off what their vehicles at full tilt during the designated demo times.  We always give our attendees schedule so that way they know when the demo times are, but you wouldn’t even have to look for that, you could hear when it started from miles away!

Slamology 2022 Audio

It is not uncommon for the audio builds to leave with cracked and/or broken windows, but that is just part of the game! Majority of them time, you will not find someone upset if their window is broken because their vehicle was so loud; it’s a statement of pride and accomplishment!

Each vehicle in the audio area was registered through the event, but when you register your vehicle for the audio area this gives you the chance to compete in all four organizations for free.  This year we had USACi, MECA, IASCA, and Bass Wars onsite with 3x points available for participants.

If you are searching for Slamology 2022 Audio results

for MECA, you can find them here

For IASCA, you can find them here

For USACi, you can find them here

For Bass Wars, you can find them here

Congratulations to all of then winners in each organization!  We are beyond thankful you came out to Slamology and that you had an amazing time! We will see you again next year!  Mark your calendars now!

Photos by: Slamology 2022 Event Camera Crew

Chris Gosda, Jason Carroll, Double D, Rob Snodgrass and Dave Mattingly

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