PerformanceYou bought a truck to take advantage of its superior performance — its use as a status symbol is just a bonus. Thus, any change you make to your truck aftermarket needs to enhance that performance. If you are looking for simple accessories, augmentations and actions to make your truck stronger, smarter and better overall, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Bed Covers and Liners

You use the bed of your truck for hauling all manner of things — it is why you bought a truck instead of a sedan or a luxury SUV. Yet, the act of hauling can have unsightly effects on your vehicle. If you do not take steps to protect the bed of your truck, you might cause scratches or dents that are expensive to fix. Fortunately, there is an easy fix for this: a durable liner. Bed liners are made from strong materials that are scratch-proof, weather-proof and essentially fool-proof, so you can use your bed as it was intended without worrying about causing lasting harm.

Then again, if you want to provide your truck bed with the ultimate protection, you might invest in truck bed covers. Covers seal off your truck’s bed completely, hiding any tools or equipment you might perpetually store there and maintaining a more stable environment inside your truck’s bed. Plus, bed covers can improve the aerodynamics of your vehicle, increasing your gas mileage and reducing your fuel budget into the future.

Bed Storage Solutions

Speaking of storing tools or equipment in your truck bed, you might want to put time and money into a few storage solutions for your truck. There are a few different storage systems worth considering, such as:

Toolboxes. Available in a wide variety of sizes and styles, toolboxes keep your tools organized and safe even as they remain in reach.

Storage pockets. These small compartments attach to the sides of the bed and are used to keep smaller gear contained and organized.

Stabilizer bars and dividers. These storage solutions help you divide your truck bed into different sections. Using cargo nets, hangers and other storage elements, you can keep your items neatly separated and secure in the bed.

Overhead racks. Mounted above the bed and truck cab, overhead racks are best used for hauling especially large and long items in a way that will not endanger the rear window.

Truck drawers. Perhaps the most professional-looking storage system, drawers are rolling boxes that come in a variety of sizes and sit on the sides or back of the bed for easy access.Performance

Side Steps and Step Bars

Whether you have installed a lift kit or left your truck’s stock suspension as-is, you might not always find it easy to climb into your truck’s seats. Truck drivers with smaller frames or various disabilities can struggle with reaching a truck’s cabin, and a remarkably easy solution is the installation of side steps. You have a wealth of options when it comes to steps, from nerf bars to running boards as well as steps that fold up and down manually or automatically. You should consider your mobility needs, comfort and style when selecting steps for your truck.

Vent Visors and Bug Shields

Some of the simplest performance-enhancing accessories to install on your truck, both vent visors and bug shields attach in a matter of minutes and can provide small but meaningful improvements to your driving experience. Vent visors fit over the front of your side windows, channeling moisture away to keep you safe and dry while you are using your truck in inclement weather. Bug shields affix to the front of your hood, deflecting debris (like bugs) away from your windshield to keep your view clear. Both of these elements increase the lifespan of your truck by protecting more delicate elements, like window seals and the paint job, from unnecessary damage.

Floor Liners

As opposed to floor mats, which are like one-size-fits-all rugs that sit on top of your existing truck floor, floor liners are custom flooring molded to the contours of your truck. Typically, floor liners are made from more durable materials than stock truck flooring, which tends to be some kind of carpet. As a result, floor liners make it much easier to prevent the buildup of dirt and grime, and they ensure that your truck’s floor will not grow mildew or mold as a result of exposure to moisture. Perhaps most importantly, floor liners always increase the resale value of your truck.

You might love your truck as it is, but if you want to maintain your truck’s appearance and value, you might need to invest in a few aftermarket features. Fortunately, aftermarket accessories can be easy to install and can improve performance beyond your expectations. 


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