An accused serial murderer dubbed the “shopping cart killer” has now been linked to the death of a sixth woman in Virginia — whose death was previously suspected to be a result of cardiac arrhythmia.

Anthony Eugene Robinson, 35, has already been charged with the slayings of two women whose bodies were found in a vacant lot in Harrisonburg in 2021.

The accused killer has also been named a suspect in three other murders in the state and in Washington DC.

Now, authorities in Prince George’s County are trying to determine if Robinson played a role in the Feb. 2018 death of 30-year-old Skye Allen, whom he dated.

Allen’s mother, Stacey Allen, told NBC Washington she never believed that her daughter died from a heart condition after she found the young woman unconscious and struggling for breath inside the bedroom she shared with Robinson on Valentine’s Day.

Suspected serial killer Anthony Eugene Robinson, 35, has been charged with killing two women in Virginia in 2021.
Suspected serial killer Anthony Eugene Robinson, 35, has been charged with killing two women in Virginia in 2021.
Harrisonburg Policec Department
Robinson was dubbed the "shopping cart killer" because he allegedly used shopping carts to transport the bodies of his victims.
Robinson was dubbed the “shopping cart killer” because he allegedly used shopping carts to transport the bodies of his victims.
Fairfax County Police Department

Doctors at Prince George’s Hospital Center said Skye died of cardiac arrhythmia, but her mother said she suspected Robinson of wrongdoing — and even asked him directly if he killed Skye.

“I asked him, ‘Did you do something to my daughter?’ He said, ‘No,’” the mother claimed.

In Nov. 2021, more than three years after her daughter’s death, Stacey Allen said she was contacted by a detective from Rockingham County, Virginia, asking about Robinson.

The man had been arrested in connection with the killings of Allene Redmon, 54, of Harrisonburg, and Tonita Smith, 39, of Charlottesville, who were killed around Oct. 24 and Nov. 14, respectively.

Their bodies were discovered together on Nov. 23 in a vacant lot next to a shopping cart that cops said had been used to transport the bodies, earning Robinson his macabre moniker.

Skye Allen
Authorities in Prince George’s County, Virginia, have launched an investigation into the Feb. 2018 death of Robinson’s girlfriend, Skye Allen, 30.
Family Handout

In Dec. 2021, the remains of two more women were uncovered in a large plastic container near another shopping cart next to the Moon Inn hotel in Fairfax County, Virginia. They were identified as Cheyenne Brown, 29, and Stephanie Harrison, 48.

Fairfax County police have said publicly that they have linked Robinson to the killing of the two women. Police said Robinson was staying at the Moon Inn Hotel at the time and has been linked to Brown via cellphone and video evidence, the Washington Post reports.

Since then, Robinson also has been tied to the death of 40-year-old Sonya Champ, whose body was found in a shopping cart in Northeast D.C. in Sept. 2021.

So far, Robinson has not been charged in the killings of Brown, Harrison or Champ.

Authorities said Robinson found his victims on dating apps like Plenty of Fish and Tagged, met them at hotels, where he hurt and then killed them, before transporting their bodies in shopping carts.

Allene Redmon
Allene Redmon, 54, was killed on Oct. 24, 2021, and dumped in a vacant lot in Harrisonburg, Virginia.
Family Handout
Tonita Smith
Tonita Smith, 39, was killed on Nov. 14, 2021, and dumped in the same lot as Redmon, where both women’s bodies were found on Nov. 23 next to a shopping cart.
Family Handout

On Monday, a Virginia judge ruled there was sufficient probable cause for a grand jury to consider first-degree murder charges against Robinson for the deaths of Smith and Redmon, reported WTOP.

Robinson’s defense attorney argued that the killings were not premeditated and asked the judge to downgrade the charges to second-degree murder — but prosecutors disagreed, accusing the defendant of luring the victims to their deaths, and then disposing of them.

“He used them for what he wanted, then left them rotting with the maggots,” persecutor Marsha Garsh told the court.

Judge John Stanley Hart sided with the prosecution, saying that the circumstantial evidence against Robinson was “strong” and pointed to “a methodical plan to kill.”

Sonya Champ
Robinson is considered a suspected in the death of 40-year-old Sonya Champ, whose body was discovered in Northeast D.C. a year ago.
Family Handout

Authorities in Prince George’s County said they have opened an investigation into Skye Allen’s death, but the case is certain to present challenges because the woman’s body was cremated in 2018.


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