A married senior manager at the AFL reportedly quit earlier this month after her lover’s jilted partner revealed their affair, which “had been going on for some time”.

The long-time female manager resigned after an affair with a younger male staff member, one of her direct reports, came to light, according to the Herald Sun.

The older woman is married, while the younger staffer was in a committed relationship.

The tryst was reportedly discovered by the man’s partner, who found text messages between the lovers on his phone.

Having been caught, he came clean about the affair.

AFL House in Melbourne
An affair broke out between a senior female manager and a younger colleague who both work for the AFL.
AAP Image/Julian Smith

However, his partner reportedly then rang around all the middle management team to share the news.

The senior manager swiftly resigned and the report adds she that she has not been back to AFL HQ to collect her things or farewell colleagues.

The Herald Sun’s Page 13 said the AFL had sent a short email to staff thanking her for her “significant and valued contribution”.


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